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Huili School Shanghai introduces wellbeing as a compulsory programme in our curriculum and values young people’s happiness as much as their academic success. Our wellbeing programme provides a range of opportunities for pupils to develop socially, personally and emotionally. Our lessons, workshops and discussions help pupils develop empathy, self-awareness, resilience and independence — essential tools for living in an increasingly complicated world.
Primary School

In the primary school, the holistic development of each child is at the centre of focus. Pupils view wellbeing as an integral part of their life, both inside and outside of the classroom. The wellbeing curriculum is centred around six common units: self-identity, mental and emotional, social, physical, global citizenship, and health and safety. These units are further explored and developed as pupils’ journey through the primary school. They are encouraged to reflect, question and draw on real-life experiences.


Wellbeing lessons are delivered by both form tutors who focus on equipping pupils with the skills they need to be successful. This collaborative approach encourages pupils to share their views in a safe and supportive environment, with the teachers who know them best. The primary wellbeing programme is supported by projects, societies and CCA programmes, fostering a positive learning climate for our youngest pupils.

Secondary School

As pupils enter secondary school, the goals of supporting pupils’ wellbeing and holistic development do not change. Many of the contents of the primary wellbeing programme progress into secondary with a focus on supporting pupils through the difficulties of adolescence.  



A large emphasis is placed on topics such as building positive and healthy relationships and coping with personal and academic stress. Pupils also learn about how to navigate the complexities of being a teenager and how to demonstrate kindness and empathy for others, and equally important, for themselves. Moreover, parts of the programme are used to support pupils’ transition into adulthood with lessons connecting to find their meaning and purpose and guiding them through the process of finding suitable future majors and universities.


Being happy and healthy is the foundation of wellbeing, but at Huili, we look to go beyond this goal and support pupils to have ‘thriving’ wellbeing, in which they are able to develop their potential, work productively and creatively, building strong and positive relationships, and contribute to their communities. The wellbeing programme throughout Huili School supports pupils in achieving this goal.

Inclusion Team


As a fundamental part of pastoral and wellbeing, our inclusion team works on building a positive and caring environment for the pupils at Huili Shanghai. Inclusion team provides individual and group counselling and learning support services to the pupils. Based on the pupils’ profiles and strengths, we work closely with teachers to develop an individualized support plan to meet each pupil’s needs. We believe that all pupils, regardless of any challenges they may have, are receiving quality education and that all learners participate and achieve together.



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The Huili School Shanghai Community is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of its pupils.