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Our Primary school teaches children from grades 1 to 5. Delivering an education built on the Chinese national curriculum, our pupils learning is enriched by the inclusion of highly regard and well researched teaching practices from around the world. Pupils respond enthusiastically to this blended approach which emphasises the importance of Chinese history and culture while also cultivating an international mindedness. 


Our Chinese and Western co-teaching approach creates a truly immersive bilingual learning environment for pupils. Our teachers, both Chinese and international, work closely together to ensure a balanced development in both languages, and more importantly, to master the delivery of multi-subject bilingual learning. Supported by the Huili Shanghai co-teaching model, we maximise the learning outcome of each pupil laying solid foundation for their future academic success and ability to flourish in all aspects of life. 


Learning in the primary school engages pupils in learning that is relevant to their lives while also expanding their known horizons. The rigour of subject-based learning is further enhanced through creating authentic cross curricular learning links and encouraging pupil to apply their learning in a variety of settings. By linking what they learn in school with real life situations, our pupils gain a comprehensive understanding of the world around them and are encouraged to be curious and active learners. By embedding the Huili values and identities throughout their school career, our children form healthy, positive and moral characteristics that ensures a smooth transition to Junior High and later life.



Based on the national curriculum, our Chinese curriculum is designed to develop pupils’ cultural identities and strengthen their skills of thinking, communication and applying language in their appreciation and creation of the world. 


We plan our curriculum in a holistic manner, linking school learning with real life while also encouraging the positive influences of traditional Chinese culture and virtuous qualities. Our desire is not only to help pupils acquire linguistic skills but also to equip them with learning assets of independent learners. 

Taking the English national curriculum and blending it with the Shanghai government’s requirements offers our pupils a bespoke and world-class curriculum. Learning is offered in a truly bilingual setting and develops fluent readers, writers and speakers of English. 
Our English teachers are native English speakers, who are experienced in delivering English language learning. Due to the immersive approach to learning English, every pupil becomes a truly bilingual lifelong learner, equipped with the linguistic skills and cultural grounding to appreciate and understand both Chinese and English.
Bilingual mathematics curriculum at Huili is a combination of two distinctly different sets of thinking patterns and practices. Our team of experienced teachers carefully combine the respective strengths of the Eastern and Western curriculums while considering the skills and language proficiencies of our pupils, resulting in an integrated teaching plan. Pupils acquire solid mathematics skills and knowledge, while also developing their ability to think, analyse, implement, and innovate.
Discovery Learning
Co-planned and delivered by Chinese and Western teachers, our discovery learning curriculum immerses pupils in concept-based inquiries that traverse subject boundaries. Learning in this way enables our students to undertake a rigours approach to learning through subjects such as health, science and social science while also offering opportunity for purposeful cross-curricular investigations.
Natural Science
Taught by Chinese bilingual staff in Grades 1 and 2 and co-taught with international staff in Grades 3, 4 and 5, natural science is explored through inspiring experiences designed to stimulate strong interest and curiosity in natural phenomena. Pupils develop science inquiry skills, understandings and concepts. More than the learning of facts, our pupils gain investigative skills via learning through first-hand experiences, observations and the solving of relevant, real-life challenges.
Comprising visual arts, design and technology, music and performing arts, our arts curriculum is designed to give pupils the opportunity to develop creative and imaginative thinking and expression, as well as hands-on skills, in order to discover their artistic potential. We believe that these capabilities and skills, attained via rich artistic experiences during their early life, are transferable to all other leaning areas.
Physical Education
PE is a focused learning area that enables pupils to acquire movement skills and the concepts and skills that support them to confidently and competently participate in a range of physical activities. Social skills such as leadership, communication, collaboration, problem solving, persistence and decision making are strengthened through their participation in a variety of physical activities, sports and competition. The school maintains state-of-the-art sports facilities including a swimming pool, dance studio, gymnasium, outside fields and courts. A team of experienced PE teachers and swimming coaches lead and model learning in this vital component of the school’s curriculum.
Moral and Society
This curriculum is delivered by our Chinese teachers, as the intention is to enhance our pupils’ knowledge of Chinese culture, local customs, social values and concepts of laws, encouraging them to become moral and mentally healthy individuals. We instil these positive values and character traits in our pupils, starting at the beginning of their learning journey. This helps our pupils to understand the global society that they are part of, adapt themselves to it and engage positively with it.
Information, communication and technology skills underpin all learning at Huili Shanghai, the skills of which are purposefully taught within all subject areas. Learning in this manner equips our pupils with the requisite skills to engage with a constantly evolving digital world. Within the primary setting an emphasis is placed using digital technologies with confidence, care and consideration. Equipped with the ICT skills to access, create and communicate ideas, pupils form a solid foundation on which to further build their ability to successfully utilise digital technologies in later years.




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The Huili School Shanghai Community is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of its pupils.