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Huili school Shanghai offers a 12-year education covering Primary School, Junior High and High School. Huili School Shanghai represents a marriage of Eastern and Western practices and philosophies within the framework of the Chinese national curriculum.
The curriculum that we have created gives our pupils a deep understanding of the heritage and culture of China and an international outlook to help them step onto the global stage. The heart of the curriculum is designed to nurture pupils holistically, using a rigorous framework designed to ensure consistently high standards of educational provision across all subjects. The Huili wellbeing programme, with its own unique characteristics, is in place to support the psychological and physical development of all.
Designed to ensure a strong connection across all areas of learning, the curriculum strives to equip all pupils with reasonable cognitive structures, a spirit of innovation, practical abilities and emotional resilience. This combination of capabilities is designed to help them develop the study skills and strategies that are necessary for a lifelong love of learning.
The academic team is made up of highly skilled international and Chinese leaders and teachers whose expertise and experience will ensure the provision of top-quality education. The aim is to give all Huili pupils the study skills and strategies necessary for a lifelong love of learning. Through observing the Huili Values and embracing the Huili Identity, pupils will become the best version of themselves.

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The Huili School Shanghai Community is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of its pupils.