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Successful education requires a three-way commitment of school, parents and pupils. Therefore, we view parents as close partners and members of the Huili family, and we desire to ensure that they feel the same strong sense of belonging as our pupils and staff. Huili is a community, whose success will largely rely on all three groups working together to achieve the mutually desired goals for your children and our pupils.

All the parents, staff and pupils are members of Friends of Huili(FoH). Early in the first semester we will be asking parents to be a part of our FoH and Parents’ Committee.  The aim of our FoH is to support the school by arranging a number of educational, cultural and social events during the year; to aid the school to offer more opportunities for pupils to engage in activities linked to social services, career development and leadership development; and to raise funds for school activities. These events will provide rich experiences for all at the school. FoH is a flexible organisation which encourages parents and members from our wider community to engage with the school in many varied ways. Parents on the FoH committee will also be asked to act as the school’s parents’ committee. They will provide us with the parents’ voice; an invaluable source of suggestions, opinion and feedback which will cover all aspects of school life. 


We elect six parent representatives (one chair and five vicechairs) through voluntary registration and democratic voting. Together with the master, they formed the Friends of Huili Committee, who have since held many wonderful events to enrich pupils’ campus life, such as the Winter Bazaar, Summer Carnival and Annual Ball. 



The Huili School Shanghai Community is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of its pupils.