The Arts

Huili Arts department is comprised of visual art, design technology, music and performing arts. We offer a program introduced to pupils in lower primary and continued through upper primary and junior high in arts-specialist lessons. Thus, we hope to give pupils an arts curriculum that is ‘arts-rich’ not merely ‘inclusive of arts’. Early primary lessons therefore facilitate creative play and confident exploration from students, then explicit skill-development occurs as we move into middle and upper primary. Then, contextual understanding of each art form is formalized; and this leads organically into preparatory work in junior high in readiness of IGCSE study. By this stage our specialist curricular is fully ‘arts-based’. 
The arts at Huili are not a marginal part of the curriculum but, rather, are celebrated as a vital and vibrant part of Huili’s lifeblood. At Huili, there is the firm understanding that studying the arts leads to success, for where there are no ‘black and white’ answers, there are instead creative options to be found, creative expression to demonstrate and creative collaboration to enjoy.



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