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The house system at Huili School Shanghai is consistent in design and operation to that of our sister schools in both England and China. It is designed to give each pupil a place in which they are recognised and celebrated as an individual, where their unique needs, potential, limitations and capabilities are also understood and accepted.



In Grades 6-8, each house is led by a housemaster or housemistress and a team of house tutors. They help to oversee both academic and pastoral matters. Pupils develop their most enduring friendships and work with dedicated house tutors who will support and guide them throughout their time at the school.


From Grade 9, pupils work with a grade leader while remaining in their house tutor groups with house tutors. This allows them to receive targeted and specialist support as they prepare for high school and university while still maintaining their sense of house identity and belonging.

During Primary School, from Grade 1 to Grade 5, pupils are also assigned to one of the four houses. They begin to form a sense of house identity through house activities and competitions.
The houses are also a means of encouraging a healthy spirit of competition and friendly rivalry, as pupils are able to display their talent and skill during inter-house competitions held throughout the academic year. Individuals can help improve their house’s position by earning house point tokens for demonstrating a positive approach to learning while showing respect and kindness toward others.
The house system is a valuable means of offering pupils the opportunity to take on positions of responsibility and subsequently develop their leadership, organisational and interpersonal skills. The house system, with its competitions, positions of responsibility and sense of community, offers our pupils a safe and supportive environment in which to develop confidence, try new experiences, take risks and strive to be the best versions of themselves.



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The Huili School Shanghai Community is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of its pupils.