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Standards at Huili High School are high, and we expect a lot from our pupils who are expected to achieve top grades in public examinations, participate fully in school life and go on to secure places at the top universities in the world.
Choice, support and opportunity are the three key principles that underpin the experience of each Huili High School pupil. Having choice ensures that pupils can embark on courses suited to their interests and future aspirations, as well as giving them a broad and balanced experience. Throughout this process, pupils are supported and guided by an excellent team of teachers, tutors, grade leaders, university and careers advisers and school leaders. Finally, high school pupils have a wide array of opportunities available to them so that they can develop a range of interests, venture beyond their comfort zone and learn about themselves and what motivates them.
University and careers guidance

High School is the time when pupils make choices about subjects, which will in turn influence what they are able to study at university. University information and guidance is provided to both pupils and parents at Huili from grade 8. Workshops are held for parents to inform them about university requirements and how they can support their children through the process. Pupils benefit from lessons delivered by the Higher Education and Careers team, housemasters and grade leaders, who guide them through subject choices, careers research and university information and requirements.


Pupils also have access to careers and university guidance counsellors who can answer questions and guide pupils towards universities and courses that suit their interests and aspirations. Pupils are also given access to the online platform, BridgeU, from grade 8, which allows them to document all their school experiences and conduct research into universities, courses and careers.


Throughout their time at Huili High School, pupils develop an excellent understanding of how to apply to university and are ably supported by a team of counsellors, advisers and grade leaders and house tutors, who ensure that pupils make the choices right for them and their future. At each stage of the options process and university application process, pupils have opportunities for conversations that allow them to ask questions and think about the choices they are making. Parents play a key part in this process as they develop their own understanding of courses, universities and requirements in order to be able to best support their child.


A key component of the university advice and guidance programme is access to universities and different careers. During their time in High School pupils have access to speakers from a range of careers so that they can develop their understanding of the world of work. Similarly, university fairs are organised and pupils and parents are informed of events that are coming up online or in the local area.


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Huili School has an academic scholarship programme open to current and new High School pupils which recognises outstanding academic achievement and all-round excellence.
Huili Scholars will:
· have a consistent and proven track record of excellent academic performance
· be able to demonstrate leadership potential
· show unfailing kindness to their peers and have an exemplary behavioural record
· have an ability to act as a mentor and role model


Successful applicants are recognised and celebrated by the school and they have access to a range of opportunities befitting the prestige of the scholarship they have been awarded. Recipients of scholarships are looked upon very favourably by universities around the world and pupils who are awarded scholarships can include this on their university applications in the future; it will also be mentioned in recommendation letters written by the school.


Financial awards of up to 50% of the annual tuition fees are available to pupils whose families can demonstrate that they would not be able to afford the full fees and such awards are based upon the family’s annual net income.

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The Huili School Shanghai Community is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of its pupils.