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The long-nose yellow school bus offers safe and satisfying trips

06 Jun 2019

Maintaining a safe and secure campus is the highest priority of Huili School Shanghai and  we strive to ensure the safety of every pupil. We want to build a safe and loving learning environment for our pupils by taking comprehensive safety precautions. This not only enables pupils and their parents to trust the school, but also safeguards our orderly daily teaching routines. Among them, the operations of the school bus system is an integral part of campus safety.

The school bus service team at Huili, in cooperation with a highly respected professional car company,  endeavours to optimise each school bus trip, so as to provide safe, reliable and pleasant services for our pupils. Since the opening of Huili School last year, eleven school bus routes have been established and continue to run smoothly. For pupils who ride the long-nose yellow school bus every school day, they gradually get used to taking it, and before long it becomes an enjoyable part of their campus life. The school bus, as a link between the school and pupils’ homes, conveys pupils to the school conveniently and safely while also making them better prepared for the day’s studies.

Abiding by the Shanghai School Bus Safety Regulations, we have chosen a motor corporation partner with complete passenger service license to provide school bus services. All the school buses have bus licenses issued by the appropriate local authorities and all the bus drivers hold their corresponding driving licenses. Our school bus service has been investigated by relevant government departments several times, and its high standards and performance parameters meant it passed all such inspections. Regular tests and maintenance ensure that our school buses meet the requirements and expectations of both the government and our school community.

All the school buses are equipped with a TMS system used for pupils’ roll call. Pupils are required to swipe their ID card when they get on or off the bus. Additionally, the close coordination between bus duty staff members and bus monitors ensures pupils’ safety. Parents can check the real-time location, bus monitors’ information, pick-up and drop-off time etc at their discretion via the school bus app.

Main functions of different users in TMS system: 

Meanwhile, the school bus service team can remotely monitor all the driving data of each bus trip, such as speed, location and routes etc. This data can be used to track and monitor the running condition of school buses. It also stores the historical swiping data of the last week as well as all relevant messages sent by bus monitors. Together, this information will allow us to continually optimise our bus service.

In order to further improve pupils’ safety, our buses adopt a 360˚ non-blind area design, equipped with electric rear-view mirrors, front blind-spot mirrors and reversing camera systems. This means that our drivers can fully observe their surroundings when driving and parking. Each school bus also has a black box installed. It monitors real-time driving situations and conditions inside and outside the bus from multiple angles, recording, for instance, whether the driver is obeying the rules of safe driving, whether the monitors are properly shouldering the responsibility of maintaining discipline on the bus, and whether pupils are behaving well. The school bus service team conducts random inspections of the surveillance video footage on the bus regularly, as a means to supervise and manage our school bus system and to ensure its safety. At Huili, we put great emphasis on pupils’ behavioural habits, which means their behaviour will be observed and recorded when they ride the school bus.

Every school bus is operated by a kind and responsible driver and bus monitor, who monitor and care deeply about pupils in accordance with the Shanghai School Bus Safety Regulations. Before they pick up the pupils, in the morning or in the afternoon, they make a routine check of the running condition of the bus while ensuring that it is clean, tidy and in a fit state for them to welcome pupils aboard. Whenever the buses enter our campus, bus monitors will help pupils to get on or off the bus and to swipe their cards after the bus stops.

The school bus service team also attaches great importance to training drivers and monitors. Regular meetings are held, and school police are also invited to participate. These meetings strengthen their safety awareness while improving their response capacity in the event of an emergency. In addition, our service team will provide additional training for bus monitors based on any problematic incidents or emerging concerns to pupils’ safety, aiming to improve their ability to deal with urgent problems properly in the first place.

Our school nurses also conduct professional training for monitors regularly – including daily disinfection, usage of first aid kits, wound care, special disinfection during an outbreak of infectious diseases and the usage of ear thermometers – in order to make them qualified for tackling various emergencies on the bus.


You might ask yourself: what happens if a fire breaks out on the bus? Fortunately, our service team proactively arranged for professionals to instruct pupils on the dos and don’ts of emergency escape practices to be utilised in the unlikely event of a fire occurring on the bus.

The school bus service team examines all the buses on a regular basis and reads every bus report, to make sure that all buses are maintained under optimal running conditions. We also keep regular contact with parents and pay attention to their feedback for the better operation of the school bus system and for avoiding any potential accidents or unwelcome incidents. Cooperation between parents and the school, together with the school bus service operators, plays an indispensable part in creating a safe and pleasant school bus experience for all pupils. We welcome any suggestions from parents and pupils and hope to continually promote a positive relationship between pupils and bus staff. We are committed to optimising the school bus service and to enhancing pupils’ riding experience.

“We all love our long-nose yellow school bus so much.” “The school bus monitors are easy-going. They kindly take care of us when we commute between school and our home.” “The bus drivers are skilled at driving. I sometimes comfortably fall asleep when riding the bus.” “The bus monitors always check repeatedly whether we have fastened our seatbelts.” We hope that each pupil can enjoy a safe and comfortable bus trip to and from school every day.