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Diversified CCA Programme at Huili

06 Jun 2019
Huili School Shanghai is designed to develop pupils’ multiple intelligences and help them to become future citizens with an international outlook. At Huili, while learning from our high-quality bilingual curriculum, each pupil has access to a series of co-curricular activities (CCAs), each with their own unique characteristics. It is these two interconnected parts that combine to support our holistic education philosophy. In this article, I will explain the Huili CCA programme further, unveiling its inherent value and how it can engage and delight every pupil. Providing diversified and plentiful CCA programmes If you ask any teacher what kind of activities Huili pupils engage with, you would probably get several dozen answers. One of main features of our CCA Programme is its diversity.

Over the course of the academic year, we have three CCA terms in total, each offering dozens of activities to better meet pupils’ different  talents and learning requirements. Based on their own interests and strengths, each pupil chooses three activities to explore on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. In this way, they can explore up to nine activities in a year, giving them more opportunities to try new things, tap into their potential and discover their passions. The CCAs on offer are divided into three strands: art & culture, academic and sports. The latest third term has a total of 73 activities on offer, including not only some of the school classics of Chinese dance, chess, football, basketball, swimming and English reading, but also more varied and modern activities such as programming, yoga, model UN, Lego robot kit building, mixed media and 3D paper clay. Besides these, we also offer professional lessons for violin, Chinese ensemble, orchestra, gymnastics, cricket, tennis, Kung Fu and self-defence.  All these CCAs are taught by members of our teaching team at Huili or specialists hired from outside the school. We truly hope that each pupil can find plenty of activities that excite and delight them, building their existing strengths while unlocking new talents and interests.

Developing the Huili Identity and all-round attainment
Our curriculum underpins the Huili Values of courage, respect, integrity, kindness and responsibility. Accordingly, we take advantage of CCAs to help instil those values in our pupils. When you step into our classrooms, you can easily find that in the Lego robot group, pupils cooperate to write codes for their robot’s walking routes. In the communication process, they learn to respect each other, taking the responsibility to better face new challenges together.

In the handicrafts group, pupils in the lower grades are delighted to follow the steps of paper folding. They help each other to solve any difficulties that they may encounter, demonstrating the quality of kindness.

 In football club, younger athletes do their utmost to play their best on the field while abiding by competition rules, demonstrating their integrity.
Moreover, we hold two concerts annually as a closing ceremony of the music and art activities running throughout the whole year. Every pupil standing on the stage requires great courage to do so.


 There are innumerable such examples demonstrated every day across our CCA programme and it would be exhausting to list them all. CCAs are an integral part of our curriculum, giving our pupils rich opportunities to experience, explore and feel the meaning and influence of the Huili Values and subsequently live up to them. The poet William Butler Yeats once said: “Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.” We believe that Huili CCAs play such a role. Although we have diversified and plentiful activities, we will not demand that our pupils master all of them. Instead, we hope to light a path and provide possibilities for them, enabling them to discover their own potential, interests and their motivation to find their best way forward. One day, even if they enter into the society and are faced with all kinds of challenges, they will be confident and bold enough to tackle them head on.