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Maths Week: unlocking the door of wisdom and confidence

11 Jun 2019

Mathematics is a rational spirit. It is this kind of spirit that drives the human mind to be used to the degree of perfection.——Morris Klein Mathematics is the gymnastics of thinking – it can be used to train, stretch and develop anyone’s cognitive abilities. From 27th to 31st May 2019, we celebrated our first Huili ‘maths week’, targeting at tapping into pupils’ creative potential and interest in maths while improving their mathematical attainment and capabilities.

Poster Exhibition: becoming the master of their own studies In the ‘poster exhibition’ activity, pupils in grades 5 and 6 collated mathematic knowledge that they had previously learned, fully demonstrating their growing understanding of the subject:

- How is the area of a circle derived by using differential thinking? - How do we use Excel Solver to solve systems of linear equations in two unknowns? - How do we find the relationships among decimals, fractions and percentages by clipping McDull pig? - What kind of inspiration do we get from Archimedes’ principle of buoyancy? - How do we collect and analyse data effectively?

Through this activity, pupils were able to stretch their knowledge and conduct deep learning based on lessons taught by teachers in the class; at the same time, they developed their self-assurance and the ability to accurately express mathematical language in the process of their demonstrations and Q&A sessions.

Rubik’s Cube Show: interest is the best guide Mathematician Zhang Jingzhong once said: “In many engaging activities, mathematics is the planner behind the stage, who also makes the rules of the game.” Every day, across the world, there are people obsessed with solving the 3D combination puzzle, Rubik’s Cube. What many do not realise is that they are actually engaged with solving a fundamental set of mathematical problems. When children try to find the solution to this magic cube, the process can develop their spatial and graphic imagination, while deepening their understanding of mathematical concepts such as transformations, groups, coordinates, combinations, etc.

At Huili, we are lucky to have a ‘Rubik’s Cube team’ comprised of seven boys whose eye-catching performances became the highlight of maths week. The team, by carefully preparing props, provided a clear and thorough introduction to their audience. The most astonishing demonstration they made was how to solve a 3x3 Rubik’s Cube in just 12 seconds, winning them rounds of applause from teachers, parents and schoolmates. Confucius said: “They who love it are better than those who know it, and they who delight in it are better than those who love it.” At Huili, we are committed to letting interest be the best guide for our pupils. AR Era: cultivating more confident Huili pupils The aim of learning mathematics should not be restricted to getting high grades in exams. More importantly, it can be utilised to boost your brain power and thinking ability. People who learn mathematics are generally good at employing different ways of thinking in different situations. Equipped with this kind of versatility, they are more likely to be able to tackle any given problem by using a clear and logical thinking pattern. During our maths week, the ‘letter box challenge’ activity built a bridge between pupils and mathematics for their ‘mutual communication’.

While ‘little passport for mathematics’ enabled pupils to experience the joy of maths.

One of our parents, Ms. Liang, as our guest speaker, also held a workshop entitled, ‘mathematics and finance’, which introduced pupils to the cutting-edge applications of mathematics in the field of finance while motivating them to study hard. Over the past week, pupils greatly enjoyed the event as they consolidated their understanding of basic mathematical concepts and knowledge, while also improving their abilities regarding independent inquiry and teamwork. By demonstrating to our pupils how varied, exciting and engaging the study of mathematics can be, maths week was a great success in terms of stimulating pupils’ interest and desire to explore this endlessly fascinating yet eminently practical subject.