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Striving for excellence: a new chapter awaits

05 Jul 2023



We have observed an increasing number of Huili students participating in charity programmes and stretching their abilities in various roles. 


They not only gain new perceptions about themselves and the world, but also learn about their own value in the process.   





The story of Huili charity is just a chapter in Huili's journey to pursuing excellence, but it reflects the cooperation and collaboration that FOH and the entire community show at all times.   


Huili charity continues to develop. The second activity of Loutang one-day trip was carried out successfully in early summer; Dream Café programme members contributed to employment of young people in need by selling coffee; Intangible cultural heritage narrators proved the magic of creative storytelling by means of live streaming.  


We have begun to prepare for the Huili School Shanghai Charity Roundtable Forum 2024 and loook forward to writing the next chapter of Huili charity.  



The journey to excellence


When we come together to build our Huili community and Huili spirit, we embark on a journey to discover the essence of education.  

For five years, we have watched our pupils grow into competent and confident young learners. They have achieved outstanding results in academic tests and competitions. They have founded pupil clubs and made their voices heard. They have also devoted themselves to public service, seeking real solutions to current social issues. 


Our educators have honed their skills to perfection. They have looked to the stars while keeping their feet firmly planted on the ground. 


Working side by side with the Friends of Huili and our parents — our most important partners in education — they have also helped to make our community richer and more colourful. 


The concerted efforts of our community also produced the Huili Shanghai Education Development Foundation. This is yet another fantastic way to support the school’s sustainable development. And we have only just begun.   


It is through such concerted efforts that we believe the journey to excellence in education is never ending.  


▲A group photo of 5th year celebration