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A summary of our pupils’ summer achievements

05 Sep 2023


In the past academic year, Huili pupils won more than 100 awards in dozens of Chinese and international competitions. 


During the summer break, Huili pupils continued to make big strides in debating, academics and all manner of competitions.  





Eight Huili pupils emerged victorious in this year’s Model UN, securing three first-place awards, one second-place award and three third-place awards among more than 200 school teams and 900 participants. 


Notably, Huili Shanghai outperformed the previous Best Delegation winner, claiming the esteemed Best Delegation title at WEMUN EXPO 2023. They ranked second among the five awarded school teams. 




Emerging Visionaries Awards 

In July, at the 2023 Emerging Visionaries Award Summit and Award Ceremony, Huili pupils from the Loutang Migrant Children Support Programme won the Outstanding Charity Club trophy. Core members Nini and Jessica expressed their thoughts on the matter, aiming to extend the reach of Huili's charitable efforts to a wider community. 




The 5th National Chinese Debate Championship for Primary and Secondary School Students   

A team of eight Huili pupils from the Junior and Senior Debate Club achieved the Excellence Award at the 5th National Chinese Debate Championships for Primary and Secondary School Students. 


Team member Calla earned the distinction of being the tournament's best debater on two occasions




World Scholars Cup 2023 

In Qatar, eighteen Huili pupils emerged victorious in the World Scholars Cup, representing the only school team from China. 


The writing team achieved a top-10 finish, battling against over 100 opponents. Ultimately, all 18 team members reached the finals and will travel to Yale University in November for the final competition. 


Three grade 5 pupils gave an outstanding performance in Xiamen and advanced to the Yale Championship as well. 






Grade 2 pupil George won second place in the U9 men's group at the Chinese Triathlon Kids Series (Huzhou Station) 2023


Only eight years old, he overcame numerous challenges and achieved his personal best, finishing only one minute behind the champion. George now wants to inspire other participants in our school’s triathlon CCA to compete and progress together. 


Achievements are a kind of recognition for our pupils. But no matter what they achieve, pupils’ growth is the most valuable thing that they gain


It is in every practice that they can have a broader horizon, break boundaries of disciplines and combine knowledge with experience. We think that is the meaning of participating in those competitions. We hope our pupils will keep their pace of progress in the new academic year and make more breakthroughs.