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Huili Art and Design Exhibition: a resounding success

20 Jun 2023

After 99 days of preparation and an intense 7 day set-up, The Huili Arts’ Art and Design Exhibition opened at last! Highly anticipated, the exhibition, aptly named ‘In the Zone’, attracted over 1000 visitors who came to enjoy nearly 1600 artworks and over 30 different art and design themes. After 6 days of sharing our students’ remarkable artistry, creativity and ingenuity, the exhibition then drew to a quiet yet satisfying close. 



▲Video| Shanghai Huili Art and Design Exhibition



A celebration of creation


We have been amazed at the different forms of artistic, creative and original expression that our grade 1-10 pupils have demonstrated. Alongside their impressive talents, we were also reminded of the value of charity within the Huili community in the special artwork created by Huili School Shanghai pupils and Art teachers in collaboration with the pupils of Pudong Fudu School.  


The exhibition celebrated our students as young artists and designers, but also embraced the creativity and talents of our wider school community, for instance in the celebration of works from the first FOH· Art poster design competition which were also enjoyed by exhibition visitors. Children visiting the exhibition were able to engage in a delightful co-creation mosaic activity, designed by the Playable Design team led by LCP (LEGO ® Certified Professional) Ms Wei Wei Gluckman. It took 4 days and 225 participants’ effort to finish this artwork.


The exhibition also ignited the youngest members of our Huili family: our Huili Nursery Shanghai children enjoyed the variety of artworks and design works on display.




Behind the scene


Every member behind the scene did their utmost to faciliate this exhibition, whether it was meticulous curation or countless exhibition hall planning.


They created an immersive exhibition envirionment to bring out the best of children's works.


Proceeds from the creative products designed for the exhibition will be donated to Huili Shanghai Education Development Foundation to enrich pupils’ school life: our focus on service and charity is a continuous mission. 




To the future


On the fifth anniversary of Huili School, this year’s art and design exhibition was hosted by our community partner, Taikoo Li Qiantan


The exhibition received continuous attention from Shanghai mainstream educational media, including two special interviews by ICS, a foreign language channel of Shanghai TV, and a special report by ‘News Students’, a news programme dedicated to young children. 


We would like to thank everyone who visited us at the Art and Design Exhibition, all the Huili Arts’ Art and Design teachers who dedicate their passion to inspiring our young artists, and to our welcoming, generous community who, together, have all helped to make this possible, and mark our school's 5th anniversary in memorable fashion.  


Following the Huili Art and Design Exhibition, the school's marketing department, FOH Art Club and UNFOLD Shanghai Art Book Fair held a special exhibition.


Huili further expands the reach of its art programme in Shanghai. Our growth and development in the past 5 years allow us make immense strides in our pursuit of excellence.