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The First Huili Charity Roundtable Forum: a resounding success

01 Jun 2023



This year marks the fifth anniversary of Huili School Shanghai, and we have seen tremendous growth and transformation within our community over these past five years. We have planned various events to celebrate this milestone and to look ahead to the next five years together. 


Since our founding in 2018, the seeds of charity have been sown at Huili. Over time, charity has grown in significance, and we continue to pursue charity education with passion. With this in mind, we recognise that the growth of Huili Shanghai and its charity programmes share a common objective. 



On Saturday 20 May 2023, Huili hosted its first-ever Charity Roundtable Forum. Huili pupils shared their experiences of participating in charity programmes and discussed potential avenues for charitable endeavours.  



Pupils involved in charity activities have had the opportunity to work with cafés run by young people with special needs, migrant children, intangible cultural heritage and organic farms. They have not only encountered people with diverse stories but learned more about themselves.  


They have become partners in nature education programmes, facilitators of employment for disadvantaged youth, promoters of intangible cultural heritage, and problem-solvers for migrant children. Through these varied roles, they have been able to expand their capabilities. 



▲Pupils involved in charity activities shared their thoughts



Huili pupils have been striving to realise their aspirations for philanthropy. We believe they will become a driving force in our future charity initiatives and make a positive impact on the world.  





Huili Art and Design Exhibition 2022/23 coming soon 


Huili School Shanghai will hold the Art and Design Exhibition at Taikoo Li Qiantan from 3 to 8 June.  


This year's theme is 'In the Zone'. To be 'in the zone' means to be in a flow state, a condition of total focus and unmediated creativity. This exhibition is a celebration of our pupils' drive to excel in their work. 


The exhibition will showcase captivating works of art by Huili pupils from grades 1 to 10. Selected pieces from the first FOH· art poster design competition will be on display as well, along with works co-created by Fudu School children and Huili pupils.  


▲Please scan the QR code to get a ticket to the Arts and Design Exhibition 



Over the past five years, Huili Charity has grown from humble beginnings. We do not ask whether we can reach the highest goal. Rather, we demonstrate perseverance and the Huili Value of Courage to take the first step, knowing that the future is full of possibilities to live our Value of Kindness. 


We firmly believe that we can achieve a shared mission through Huili's charity programmes.