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Huili takes on a new look for the new semester

04 Sep 2019

By adhering to the educational vision of “cultivating virtuous and capable pupils by benevolence and spreading wisdom widely”, Huili School Shanghai is always committed to improving its facilities and resources to make sure that pupils have everything they need to learn.

To better achieve our educational ethos, we brought in teams of Chinese and international experts to discuss ideas of key educational design. The result of these discussions is a world- class and purpose-built school that reflects the needs of our young learners.


During the recent summer break, we took full advantage of our pupils’ time away from school to conduct a substantial renovation plan. The plan included upgrading existing teaching facilities and installing new ones, all with the aim of supporting our teachers and pupils as best we can.Hopefully you have already noticed many of the improvements around the school.Cafeteria facility upgraded 
1. New outdoor sinks installed outside the 1st floor cafeteria


- Accessible sinks will encourage pupils to develop the habit of washing their hands before lunch and after outdoor playing.- Sensor taps are temperature controlled meaning warm water is available even in winter to ensure pupils continue to wash their hands even on the coldest days.- Sinks of two different heights are available to ensure pupils in both primary and junior high can use them easily.
2. Enhanced tables and chairs on the 1st floor cafeteria

- 106 seats have been added to the cafeteria. It can now accommodate more pupils at lunch while ensuring that they have a comfortable eating space.
3. The junior high cafeteria on the 2nd floor of the east building in full use


- That will cater to primary and older pupils according to their time schedule.
A climbing wall refitted The aisle from the basement to the swimming pool has taken on a new look. A climbing wall was refitted by a specialist company. Lower grades pupils can now begin basic climbing training with the aim of improving their hand and foot coordination, climbing skills, as well as building their overall physical fitness. The aisle’s ground is now paved with thick protection mattresses, and the opposite side of the climbing wall is now covered with soft material. These protection measures allow the pupils to enjoy the climbing wall to the fullest, while unlocking their ‘Spiderman’ abilities!


Bleachers installed in the swimming pool Two sets of electronically controlled retractable bleachers were installed on either side of the swimming pool. When needed, these bleachers can be extended to accommodate nearly 200 spectators, making it possible for parents and other visitors to come and cheer on our swimmers in their various events. They can also be easily retracted back into the wall, freeing up space for teaching activities.


Wellbeing space optimised We have renovated our psychological counseling room N106. The soft lighting and delicate colour scheme were designed to make occupants feel relaxed and at ease. The reading area, sand therapy room and pressure relief room are designed for pupils to release tension and stress in different ways. Alongside these improvements, meeting rooms have been set up to give pupils and their parents an appropriate space for counseling and professional advice. All of these changes were made with the key aim of helping pupils prepare themselves for lifelong learning.


Indoor sports space enlarged There are four new sports rooms on the 4th floor of the north building. The inner walls of these rooms were covered with thick cushions to protect pupils during sports lessons. The newly added ping-pong tables are ideal for letting pupils hone their skills during PE lessons. Our PE teachers will make full use of these spaces to deliver tailored curriculum activities and give pupils an excellent learning experience.



Gallery-like art space Spotlights have been installed in the corridor of the art classrooms on the 5th floor, giving pupils’ artwork professional lighting that will highlight their art skills and technical abilities. Classroom N512, was transformed into an art room for pupils, allowing them to develop their imagination and artistic talents more freely.


Individualised house space The East and West sides of the 4th and 5th floor of the North building will be used as the house spaces of Hui, Xian, Li and De for studies and organising community activities. Each area is decorated with distinctive house logos and colours, making house pupils feel welcome and proud of their house as they build stronger house relationships with one another. We encourage pupils to add their own unique contributions to their respective houses with any decorations or additions they may choose to make.


As always, we will continue to ensure that Huili School remains an excellent, caring and collaborative learning community by offering excellent teaching facilities and well-designed learning spaces. If you have any suggestions regarding school facilities or how we can improve them further, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us.