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What is new with the co-curricular activities (CCA) programme?

28 Aug 2019
The co-curricular activities (CCA) programme is an integral part of our academic framework.  It contributes to developing our pupils’ Huili Identity and Values, as well as being an indispensable channel to carry out our holistic education philosophy.It enables our pupils to experience art, sports and all manner of inspiring activities, giving them the opportunity to tap into their own potential skills.  The CCA programmes complement what pupils learn in classes, allowing them to explore the fields that they already know, and potentially unlock new talents and interests.We have finished all the preparation work regarding the CCA programme, ready for the new academic year. The CCAs we are offering this year demonstrate the following characteristics:

1. Systemic learning circle
We had three CCA cycles in total during the academic year 2018-19, which lasted 11, 8 and 8 weeks respectively.Pupils established a basic understanding of our CCA programme during these periods. For the purpose of deepening their experiences and practices, the CCAs for 2019-20 will be aligned with our two academic semesters.The intensive learning opportunities will give pupils the chance to concentrate> 2. Diversified CCA programmesLast academic year, we provided a total of 208 activities, spread over 82 programmes. This year, the number of CCA programmes will nearly double to 135. Besides this greater range, activities will also be more diverseas we add ball games, art activities and academic research to our already rich programme.


3. Traditional culture-related programmes enriched
At Huili, we attach great importance to carrying our long-standing history and culture forward. To this end, traditional culture-related programmes play an important role in our CCAs. During this academic year, this aspect will be covered by traditional opera, calligraphy, Chinese painting, Chinese ensemble, Sinology studies, and more. These programmes are designed to improve pupils’ artistic attainment while enhancing their sense of recognition of, and pride in, Chinese culture.

 4. Dance at HuiliLast year, we achieved many accomplishments in dance-related activities. Pupils who participated in these activities presented spectacular performances in the winter showcase and summer concert events. As well as Chinese dance and street dance, ballet and Latin dance are now also>


5. Sparking creativityAlbert Einstein once said: “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution.” We have greatly expanded our creative courses in CCAs by adding activities such as innovative design, creative speaking, freestyle painting and improvised acting. We know that these activities will enable our pupils to enhance and deepen their creativity.

6. Feeling the inherent beauty of languagesAlthough we place great emphasis>Spanish, French, the Shanghai dialect and also  language expression courses. Our CCA programme seeks to enrich pupils’ learning experience, tap into their creativity and help them develop a positive attitude towards life. The experience of the CCA programme will l contribute to our aim of supporting a holistic education for every pupil.