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Little Red Riding Hood's Winter Misadventure

16 Jan 2019
An excited buzz filled the Grade I and 2 classrooms on the morning of 18th December 2018 as the children donned their costumes ready for the first performance of Little Red Riding Hood’s Winter Misadventure. With their lines learned and songs rehearsed, the children outdid themselves as they delivered a spectacular show.

Set on a snowy day in an enchanted wood, the children danced onto the stage to build their snowmen. As the story unfolded, we were introduced to the kind and generous Little Red Riding Hood, the rather ferocious wolf (with fantastic comic timing) and an unnerving number of prancing grannies. The narrators did a sterling job of keeping the story on track and the cast members spoke clearly, hitting every cue confidently. Truly, they could be orators of the future.

The Grade 1 children held their own, doing a remarkable job as they whirled around the stage as current bun ingredients, trees, woodcutters and of course our unforgettable grannies. Grade 2 dancers brought the house down with their own interpretation of Michael Jackson’s Thriller, dressed as zombies.

Songs were sung with great gusto, with accompanying actions, and there were definitely a few favourites, ‘Granny you’re looking odd today’ and ‘Mr Wolf’ to name but two. As the show came to an end, there were mixed feelings. A huge sense of pride in what our children had accomplished and an element of sadness that it was all over, at least until next year!