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Huili School Shanghai Phase II construction is well under way

15 Jan 2019
An integral part of our ongoing mission to deliver our pupils the highest possible standard of bilingual education is to ensure that the learning spaces, supporting facilities and equipment at Huili School Shanghai remain second to none. We are determined to offer each pupil in our care every possible advantage as they continue their educational journey and explore the extent of their abilities.Consequently, even as the school opened in 2018, our operational team were already concentrating their efforts towards the second-phase construction project of Huili School Shanghai, which is progressing excellently. Located in the New Bund area, adjacent to the main building on Linyao Road, it covers a total area of over 19,000 square metres and will offer a professional state-of-the-art theatre, an indoor multi-functional sports hall, music classrooms, a recording studio, art classrooms, the Black Box theatre and several computer classrooms. A second-floor bridge will connect the new South Building to the existing East Building above the V&A Lounge. Naturally, the façade of the new building has been designed in keeping with the same modern red brick architectural style of first-phase project.Given the speed and surety of the construction progress, all of these facilities will be completed and ready for our pupils to use in 2021.

In terms of facilities that will be on offer to staff and pupils, the professional theatre on the ground floor is a particular highlight. It can accommodate nearly 500 spectators and features a lifting orchestra pit which is accessible via the preparation areas in the basement. There is also a 9 x 5.6 metre liftable LED HD viewing screen at the front of the stage with LED HD auxiliary screens on both sides. This setup will offer every member of the spectating audience excellent views and complete visual enjoyment no matter where they are sitting.

The theatre also adopts 360° all-round lighting design as well as a state-of-the-art lighting control system suitable for all types of activities including drama performances, musicals, academic communications, conferences and assemblies. It is also equipped with a world-class acoustic system enabling top-tier audio support for all artistic performances and addresses.

As for more general amenities, the café bar with its invitingly open design sits on the first floor, offering a flexible recreation space to all staff and pupils, as well as a pleasant place for Huili’s visitors to relax. Music and art classrooms occupy the second floor, complete with rooms suitable for practice sessions and instrument storage, helping Huili’s teachers and pupils to meet the practical demands of teaching and learning the arts. These facilities will prove to be an invaluable aid to Huili’s expanding arts programme, allowing pupils to explore and experiment with all manner of artistic activities and mediums. We are especially proud of the multi-functional gym located on the third floor. With its height clearance of eight metres and exceptional equipment, it is of a sufficient standard to support professional-level competitions and will no doubt be invaluable in supporting our plans to Huili School Shanghai on the sporting map. Alongside our existing sports field and 25-metre competition standard swimming pool, the new sports hall will help us provide pupils with the means to enjoy a widening range of sporting activities supported by the best facilities possible. For practical purposes and ease of use, there is an electric curtain installed which can separate the sports hall into two parts. The venue features versatile sports flooring and an excellent range of sporting equipment, an electronic timing system, facilities for refereeing, lighting and audio as well as other supporting facilities including locker rooms, showers and medical facilities.

The sixth and seventh floors are designated for Huili’s senior school pupils, comprising normal classrooms, ICT classrooms, university guidance rooms and open study areas. Teaching spaces feature equipment and resources that are second to none, including upgraded interactive touch panels, whole-wall mounted whiteboards, projectors, multimedia control, a campus broadcast system and more.

We are dedicated to the task of creating a safe and healthy learning environment for everyone to enjoy. To this end, the second-phase project possesses a comprehensive schoolwide security system, including video surveillance, access control systems, a visitor management system, intrusion alarms, perimeter alarms and a wireless patrol system. Furthermore, in order to create a safe, healthy and comfortable studying and living space for all pupils, distributed across each floor are filtered water dispensers, air conditioning features and fresh air systems equipped with G4+F8 filters as well as indoor CO2 and PM2.5 monitoring and alarm devices. The health and safety of our pupils and staff members is our highest priority and as such we ensure that these systems are of the highest quality and utilise the latest technology. We hope that you are as pleased and enthused about the second phase of Huili’s development as we are. Rest assured that we are entirely committed to creating the best possible learning environment for our pupils by offering them everything they need to explore and excel.