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The First Annual Winter Bazaar: A Great Success for the Huili Community

20 Dec 2018
On 15th December, Huili School Shanghai held its inaugural winter bazaar to the delight of all the Huili community. Despite the brisk winter chill, over a thousand parents, teachers, pupils and friends cheerfully gathered together on the campus and celebrated this first-ever event.
It was a memorable day for all families, whether it was laughing fathers guiding their children along in entertaining games, gracious grandmothers rummaging through vendor stalls for gifts for their grandchildren, or meticulous mothers exploring the food stalls for the choicest delicacies for their families. Over 100 market stalls had set themselves up on the sports field in anticipation of the visiting crowds and prepared a fantastic assembly of offerings ranging from bespoke jewellery, toys and books to handcrafted decorations, clothing, home accessories, and furniture. These cheerful merchants rubbed shoulders with Huili houses, classes, and pupils who manned their own special booths. The Friends of Huili (FOH) Committee was also selling second-hand goods to help raise money for charitable causes.
Shopping around such an exciting and diverse selection of stalls, the winter bazaar attendees had built up quite an appetite and soon began exploring the rich culinary delights being offered by the food vendors. As attendees walked down the aisles of booths, they were tempted in all directions by the alluring aromas wafting about in the air.  In one moment, many would be drawn by the smell of simmering gravy and dumplings, while in the next moment others would be led by their noses to a sizzling steak. Even waiting in queue for these delectable treats was entertaining in its own right, as a big screen in the middle of the field displayed various short videos of the past events at Huili School Shanghai.  Attendees could relive all the highlights of the Huili’s opening semester while patiently waiting for their delicious food. Carefully chosen by the FOH Committee, over 40 live performances were presented by the pupils as they took to the stage for the enjoyment of the wider audience, who erupted in waves of applause and cheers throughout the day.
Since the opening of the school in August, the Friends of Huili has been an integral part of the success of Huili School Shanghai, and their bountiful contributions in organising the winter bazaar demonstrates that they are continuing to grow from strength to strength. This special day was all made possible thanks to the FOH Committee, who tirelessly coordinated and managed the execution of this truly memorable event.
Everyone who attended this winter bazaar enjoyed the fantastic event prepared by the Huili parents, and their heartfelt dedication could be felt by every pupil, parent, and teacher.