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Huili's first Winter Showcase demonstrates whole-school talent

19 Dec 2018
12-13 December saw Huili parents fill the school hall to capacity as they settled in to watch their children perform the very first of the school’s Winter Showcase events.
Pupils in every grade from 1-6 were represented in the show and they had all been working extremely hard on their dancing, singing and musical presentations to celebrate the end of the first term of Huili’s opening year. Throughout each part of the event, it was clear to see that their hard work and preparation had paid off, as both the energy and quality of the performances were extremely high.

The school’s orchestra, featuring pupils from grades 3-6, started the Winter Showcase with a pleasingly varied score of classic Christmas songs, ably conducted by Ms Audrey Wang. Then the junior pupils treated the audience to the comforting tones of the African folk song Jhi Wa Wa, followed by the Chinese dance, Shui LingJian. To round off the junior pupils’ performances, violin players from grades 1 and 2 performed Twinkle Twinkle Little Star with the kind of confidence and clarity not often found in musicians so young.

Between each performance, the Winter Showcase had not one but four excellent masters of ceremonies – Harry, Selina, William and Anna, who introduced each new segment with humour, enthusiasm and plenty of showmanship.

Next, the seniors started with a very accomplished performance of Hard Knock Life from the musical Annie. Dancers from grades 4-6 then offered a significant change of pace by performing an electrifying ensemble hip-hop dance routine set to Tambourine by Eve, which had the whole audience cheering them on. Then followed a highly composed and elegant Chinese dance, Tian XiangMei, again delivered by pupils from grades 4-6.


The Winter Showcase finished with a wonderfully choregraphed mini-production of Oh the Thinks you can Think, a song from Seussical Jr, inspired by beloved children’s author and cartoonist, Dr Seuss. The entire stage was filled with the singing, dancing and tumbling antics of brightly dressed pupils from grades 3-6, whose voices and chorography meshed together perfectly, as they all brought their individual strengths to the production.

This event represents the culmination of Huili’s first semester since its doors opened and the variety of performances included was no accident. As a school devoted to holistic and progressive education, we aim to give every pupil the opportunity to fully explore their passions and talents, in the hope that they will discover what they truly love to do and learn. Events of this nature also teach them that their individual talents and motivations truly matter, and that they should express them with pride.