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Huili Education Launch and Huili School Shanghai Opening Ceremony

12 Sep 2018
On 11th September 2018, Huili Education Group was officially launched, with a ceremony held to celebrate the opening of Huili School Shanghai. Mr. Li Guohua, Deputy District Mayor of Pudong New District, Ms. Zhuang Jiafang, Deputy Director of Pudong Education Bureau, Mr. Li Jinzhao, Secretary of the Lujiazui Properties Committee of the Communist Party of China, Ms. Joy Qiao, Founder and Chair of the Board of Governors of Huili Education Group and Wellington College China, Ms. Helen Kavanagh, Chief Executive Officer for Wellington College China, Ms. Felicity Kirk, Governor for Wellington College England, Mr. Scott Bryan, International Business Director for Wellington College England, Mr. Gerard MacMahon, Executive Master of Wellington College Shanghai, Ms. Stella Zhou, Principal of Huili School Shanghai, and Ms Kirsty Anderson representing Durham University, England, attended the openings.

Ribbon cutting by the distinguished guests

Opening performance by the founding pupils of Huili School Shanghai

Joint performance by the pupils of Huili School Shanghai and Wellington College International Shanghai

On the same day, Huili Education Group also announced the establishment of the Huili Institute of Learning, aiming to contribute to the development of education in China and beyond through high impact professional learning. It will provide consultancy work along with professional learning and training solutions for new or existing schools and education groups.

Ms. Joy Qiao (fourth from the left) presented a silk banner to Mr. Li Jinzhao (fourth from the right)

At the launch ceremony, Ms. Joy Qiao remarked, “Today marks the launch of Huili Education Group and the Huili Institute of Learning, as well as the opening of Huili School Shanghai. At this moment, I’m excited and proud, but also feel a sense of responsibility and purpose. We hold the vision of providing a first-class education that embraces the merits of both eastern and western systems and is authentically holistic in nature. The Huili Education Group recognises the importance of academic excellence, but also seeks to develop the whole child, so that they are prepared for success at school and as global citizens within an increasingly connected world. The outcome of an education at Huili schools is pupils who exhibit the Huili Identity: Inspired, Intellectual, Independent, Individual and Inclusive, and the Huili values of kindness, courage, integrity, respect, and responsibility. I’m sure that the establishment of Huili Education Group and Huili Institute of Learning will contribute greatly to the development of education in China.”

Mr. Li Guohua (fourth from the left), Ms. Joy Qiao (fourth from the right), Ms. Helen Kavanagh (third from the left) and Ms. Felicity Kirk (third from the right) opened the Huili Education launch ceremony

Ms. Joy Qiao, the Founder and Chair of Governors for Huili Education and Wellington College China delivered her speech

The Institute of Learning has been established to provide professional learning and consultancy solutions that empower educators and leaders to deliver an education that is at the forefront of innovation and development. The Institute of Learning aims to contribute to the development of education in China and beyond through high impact professional learning. As a passionate and experienced team of experts, the Institute of Learning has a proven track record in China through its work with Wellington College China and Huili schools, in supporting high standards of practice in education and operation.  It is now seeking to develop education across China more broadly. On this day, Huili Institute of Learning officially signed a cooperation agreement with Durham University, to offer rigorous Initial Teacher Education (ITE) qualifications in China. The School of Education, at Durham University, is the leader for education training in the UK and recognised as one of the world’s best for research and ITE.
Kirsty Anderson, representing Durham University stated, “We are proud of the partnership between the School of Education, Durham University and the Huili Institute of Learning. We are looking forward to continuing to provide the very highest standards in ITE to trainees in China, along with supporting the Institute of Learning with a number of exciting and ground-breaking research projects, which will be at the very forefront of education in China. This partnership, I am certain, will contribute profoundly to educators, school leaders, schools and education more broadly in Shanghai and China.”

Memorandum of Understanding signing ceremony between Durham University and Huili Institute of Learning

The Huili Institute of Learning comprises a team with expertise in research and development, school and group leadership, school improvement, quality assurance, andcurriculum development, with a deep understanding of bilingual education and early years education. It is supported by several non-academic directors. The Institute of Learning offers comprehensive consultancy work for organisations with projects in the start-up phase, or with established schools and school groups to assist the senior leaders in realising strategic priorities. Professional learning opportunities will be offered to educators and leaders through a series of workshops andconferences and directly to schools.Mr. Li Guohua noted, “It is a real pleasure to attend this ceremony. As an important window to regional economic development and foreign exchange, Pudong New Area has witnessed increasing demand for international education and global talents. Since 2017, Wellington College Shanghai has cooperated with Shanghai Pudong Institute of Education Development and International Exchange Centre with fruitful achievements already. Therefore, I sincerely hope that the establishment of Huili Education Group and Huili Institute of Learning will enhance cooperation to further promote Pudong Education and cultivate more global talent.”

Mr. Li Guohua, the Deputy District Mayor of Pudong delivered his speech

As the only private school in the New Bund area in Shanghai, Huili School Shanghai is founded by Huili Education Group, supported by Wellington College China. The school campus was built by the Shanghai Lujiazui Group, the developer for the New Bund area. The school offers a bilingual education that embodies the best of both eastern and western systems for pupils from grades 1 to 6.Ms. Stella Zhou said, “Today, we will begin our new journey together with nearly 300 pupils. Each child is unique and our aim is to provide a transformative experience, fully developing each pupil’s values and identity. The Huili School Shanghai community comprises like-minded, passionate and committed educators recruited from across the world. We sincerely hope that every pupil will grow happily and healthily at Huili.”

Ms. Stella Zhou the Principal for Huili School Shanghai hosted the event

Huili School Shanghai personalises learning to meet the needs and interests of all pupils from grades 1-6 Pupils follow the Huili Education immersion model, experiencing about half of their learning in Chinese and half in English.  Fully compliant with the Shanghai local and Chinese National Curriculum, Huili also offers a broad curriculumwith PE, art, and music fully integrated into the curriculum. In addition, the school also adopts a progressive pastoral programme, which seeks to develop well rounded pupils through effective tutoring experiences, well-being programmes, close communications with parents and a focus on the mental and physical health of pupils.

Huili School Shanghai

The campus design and the facilities of Huili School Shanghai were led by Wellington College China. Shanghai Lujiazui Properties appointed the same construction team that built Wellington College International Shanghai. The purpose-built world-class campus is designed to offer pupils the very best learning environment with a wide variety of facilities to accommodate the various academic and co-curricular opportunities on offer. The science laboratories, art rooms and design technology suites are designed, first and foremost, to encourage enjoyment in both practical and theoretical work. They also provide that extra level of creativity and ambition that great scientists, artists and designers strive for and achieve.The foundation of Huili Institute of Learning and the opening of Huili School Shanghai symbolise the beginning of the development of the Huili Education Group in China. In addition to these two institutions, Huili Education Group also includes Huili Nursery Shanghai, Huili School Hangzhou, and Huili Nursery Hangzhou.