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Huili School Shanghai: A campus full of possibilities

30 Aug 2018

Huili School Shanghai’s purpose-built campus will offer Huili pupils the most advanced classrooms and laboratories, as well as state-of-the-art athletic and arts facilities that provide pupils with access to the very best academic and co-curricular opportunities.

Let us take a journey through the campus, and let our imaginations wander as we think of all the possibilities the facilities bring for our pupils. Beyond the beauty of the school’s red-brick exterior, inspired by the distinctive architecture of our founding campus, Huili offers one of the safest and most advanced learning environments. This is the true embodiment of the Huili ethos. Every inch has been chosen for our pupils, utilising the latest resources and interactive learning technologies such as high-end interactive whiteboards, projectors, a multimedia central controller and a broadcasting system.

At Huili, learning does not end in the classroom. Common areas and hallways are filled with bulletin boards containing pupil made artefacts. This allows pupils to feel a deep sense of pride in their work, and continue to engage in the curriculum content throughout the day. A school should be a living and breathing educational environment. Extending learning beyond classrooms allows this to happen.

The science laboratories, the art rooms and the design technology workshops are designed, first and foremost, to encourage an enjoyment in both practical and theoretical work. They are also capable of creating that extra level of creativity and ambition that great scientists, artists and designers strive for and achieve. At Huili School Shanghai, we know that all children are different. Our science, art and design facilities will inspire budding enthusiasts, allow them to discover new talents and interests, then nurture those talents in a meaningful way.

The performing arts facilities cater for our musicians, dancers and actors, with dedicated music practice rooms, the dance studio and a multipurpose room.


For all our pupils, the two libraries, specifically designed for primary and secondary pupils and filled with age-appropriate books, are key spaces at the heart of the school. They are learning resources designed to generate a meaningful interest in, indeed love of, reading and research.

We highly value sport and PE at Huili. Our campus has great sporting facilities including our own 25-metre swimming pool, all-weather running track, basketball court, field/pitch space and an indoor movement/PE space. Those are designed to support our wide-ranging co-curricular activities programme, both after school and at weekends. Phase two of our exciting development will see the provision of a full sports hall. Of course, the campus is more than just a place for study. It is the centre of our community, and a social space for parents, staff and pupils alike, as we work together to enrich the lives of our children. We have well-designed and equipped canteens, a V&A lounge for staff and parents, and social spaces throughout the campus. Our world-class catering vendor will provide a range of excellent foods that meet the needs of the community. Huili School Shanghai campus will be a vibrant, enjoyable environment where all members of the community can thrive together. High-quality facilities, high-quality teaching staff and a unique bilingual curriculum focused on every child will ensure all develop a love of learning, life-long skills and academic excellence.