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Huili Shuping Scholarship 2022 open for application

23 Dec 2021

In 2019, Wellington College China launched our version of the Shuping Scholarship in celebration of the 80th anniversary of the original Shuping Scholarship. It was established in partnership with the Shanghai Educational Development Foundation and Shuping Scholarship.

Its mission is to provide full financial support for outstanding pupils from Chinese working-class families who seek a top-quality education at Huili schools. In the spirit of giving back to society, this scholarship will provide recipients many new opportunities to excel and succeed in school and beyond. It is now open for application.

The Shuping Scholarship is the highest-level scholarship offered at Wellington College China and was first introduced at Wellington College Bilingual Tianjin A Level Centre in 2019. Four pupils were selected as the first Shuping scholars at Wellington College China in December2020.  

The scholarship provides full coverage of Wellington or Huili school’s tuition fees, meals, uniforms and boarding fees, making it essentially a ‘110% scholarship’.


Recipients whose academic results and conduct meet the scholarship’s requirements upon enrolment may reapply for the scholarship each year until they graduate from High School. This means that recipients who show outstanding performance can receive up to one million yuan in scholarship aid during their time at school.

In addition to our scholarships, Huili also provides comprehensive admissions and career guidance to all recipients to help them achieve academic excellence.


Wellington College China Founder and Chairman Joy Qiao was also a recipient of the original Shuping scholarship.

Shuping gave me the opportunity to attend the University of Oxford. I owe so much of my success in life to them. With our Scholarship Programme, I want to give back, to provide a similar life-changing opportunity for talented young children regardless of their financial situation. I see this as a moral imperative.


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2022 Shanghai Huili Shuping Scholarship programme is open for application.  


Who can apply:

-Pupils in grade 8 and above with outstanding academic achievements

-Pupils who have passed Huili’s internal assessment 


Application requirements:

-Personal statement on one A4 page

-Two recommendation letters

-Most recent two years’ school report

-Full application to the school

-Written assessment, interview with Shuping Scholarship committee, scholarship trial day

-Parent interview

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Please call at 021-3177 5080 or email admissions.hss@huilieducation.cn to contact our admissions office. We will contact you as soon as possible.