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Huili Academic Scholarship Programme open for applications

01 Apr 2020

Our intention to set up the Huili scholarship programme is the same as any other traditional scholarship awards. What makes it outstanding is that it is people-oriented and thus will have a profound impact on those who benefit from it.

  People-oriented and forward-looking Many schools, who are committed to providing high quality education for their pupils, have similarities in their values. How can parents identify the most appropriate school for their children when seeking out an ideal education among schools with such similar educational philosophies? Whether it is a far-sighted educational philosophy, uniquely-designed curriculum frameworks, or top-notch campus operation, none of these things are possible without people. People are the consistently essential element in education. Like-minded people such as the persistent leadership team, the trained academic team and the effective operation team, need to come together to start with the end in mind. Huili School stands out because it has the foresight to see how things will develop tomorrow through analysing the minor clues of how things are today. The academic team of the school, with their in-depth thinking and wider perspective, always give their care to every individual pupil while empowering them.

The progress shown by pupils in this inclusive and unified environment, together with the support and help of Huili parents, helps us adhere to what we are pursuing. Because of this, the Huili community remains full of vitality and appreciation for everyone’s efforts. Our intention to set up the Huili scholarship programme is the same as any other traditional scholarship awards. What makes it outstanding is that it is people-oriented and thus will have a profound impact on those who benefit from it. Scholarships will be given to pupils who need them in recognition of their academic achievements and excellent overall performance. We hope to find those suitable pupils and help them to achieve their holistic development in the coming years. The Huili Scholarship Programme offers them opportunity to follow their dreams and achieve their own personal vision of success.   Huili Academic Scholarship Programme Huili School Shanghai is proud to introduce the Academic Scholarship Programme for pupils who will enter grade 7 and above in the academic year starting August 2020. The programme recognises outstanding academic achievement and all-round excellence. Those pupils awarded a scholarship will be expected to fully engage with every aspect of school life and the Huili community, including participation in sports teams and performing arts activities. We believe that with their awarded scholarships, they will be strengthened by a greater sense of self belief, and subsequently they will be more confident to step into the bigger stage. We also wish to give the opportunity of a Huili education to outstanding pupils whose families would otherwise not be able to afford our full fees. The value of the award will be based upon the applicant family’s annual net income. Awards of up to 50% of the annual tuition fees will be offered to applicants who can demonstrate a consistent and proven track record of excellent academic performance. We always pay full attention to the overall development of pupils beyond their academic performance, including exemplary behavioural records, unfailing kindness to their peers, leadership potential, and the ability to act as a mentor and role model. These qualities will also serve as an important point of reference in the evaluation of suitability for the Huili Scholarship. Successful candidates will be invited to a scholarship assessment day, which will be held at the school shortly after the submission deadline.   How to apply Applicants must submit a handwritten bilingual personal statement outlining why they believe they would make a good Huili scholar. Scanned copies of the personal statement should be submitted to admissions.hss@huilieducation.cn Deadline for applications:

  • Current Huili pupils:  17th April 2020
  • External applicants: 5th June 2020
Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact admissions.hss@huilieducation.cn Scholarship has been the significant source of support and motivation for many excellent pupils pursuing their academic aspirations, and some amazingly successful people have benefited from this programme in their learning journey. We hope that we can spare no effort to support more pupils and expect that their academic ambitions and life dreams will give scholarship a deeper sense of meaning. Taking inspiration from educator and philosopher Dr Cai Yuanpei’s famous quote, “Rather than adhering to rules, celebrate what comes naturally; rather than forcing uniformity, allow uniqueness to flourish,” Huili hopes that its scholarship programmes can help introduce pupils to a world where they are inspired to learn, explore, and achieve great things with flying colours.