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Designed for learning: the environment at Huili

24 Dec 2019

As our educational mission and vision focus is “cultivating virtuous and capable pupils by benevolence”, we strive to instill the Huili Values in every aspect of our pupils’ school life. Our moral education curriculum and values develop pupils’ self-discipline and sense of responsibility. Whenever you visit our classrooms and corridors, you see posters on display, which highlight the accepted code of conduct designed by pupils (for example, ‘classroom rules’ and ‘classroom jobs’) or exhibit an understanding of the moral element of their education (for example, ‘our goals’).

Our environmental decoration incorporates elements of moral education, providing excellent opportunities for our pupils to reflect on every aspect of their personal growth as well as their academic development.    An environment of Chinese culture Exploration of China’s enduring history and culture is an indispensable part of the Huili curriculum because we should shoulder the responsibility of carrying forward our traditions. All types of handcrafts featuring Chinese characteristics are frequently displayed in classrooms and corridors.

By proactively exploring themes in classes, pupils make these works and then exhibit them in the public areas for the purpose of exchanging creative ideas with their peers.

This environmental decoration also benefits them by building on their sense of identity as a Chinese national.  A bilingual environment In order to nurture global citizens with an international outlook, we endeavour to create an immersive and diversified bilingual environment. Experienced and trained international teachers are skilled at guiding pupils to make various display boards, which is a good way to improve pupils’ ability to express themselves and builds an immersive language learning environment.

  A reading environment     The famous writer Gorky once said that: “Books are the ladder of human progress.” At Huili, we feel lucky to have such good literary resources at our disposal. The two libraries specifically designed for primary and junior high pupils provide abundant reading spaces for pupils while encouraging them to develop a love of reading.

Besides, each classroom is equipped with a reading corner, so that pupils can read during their free time, giving them further opportunities to become independent learners with good reading habits.

  A sports environment Maintaining a safe, dynamic and well-resourced sports environment is conducive to releasing pupils’ passion for sports activities while enabling them to develop a lifelong interest in exercise and physical improvement. Huili School is well equipped with outstanding sporting facilities, such as the international standard swimming pool and the climbing wall in the underground passage. These investments in our resources are reflective of the importance we attach to pupils’ physical quality.

   We believe that the learning environment is an extension and a backdrop of class study, binding all subject themes together. Thus, we are committed to deepening pupils’ learning experience through fun and engaging learning environments while instilling the Huili Identity in them, allowing pupils to become the best version of themselves. This provision will be greatly enhanced with the opening of our sports hall when phase II of the site development is opened in 2021.