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The Friends of Huili, an indispensable part of the Huili family

11 Dec 2019

Huili School Shanghai is committed to achieve our vision of becoming the top-ranked school for Chinese families, embedded with both the heritage of Western and Eastern culture and with the wellbeing of pupils at its core. We, together with all parents who share the same goal, aim to continuously support pupils to smoothly embark on and engage with their education journey. Friends of Huili (FOH) is a large community of Huili people. Children enrolled into Huili School become schoolmates, while their parents automatically become members of the FOH. As home/school cooperation is our consensus andintention, FOH is designed to organise diverse activities in collaboration withthe school, creating a splendid and harmonious community experience for theentire Huili family, as well as lending a hand to the school’s ‘whole-child’ educationethos.


The FOH Committee At the beginning of each academic year, FOH will elect its committee members from voluntary candidates through a secret ballot. Our current committee is comprises of a chair and seven vice-chairs who are respectively responsible for events, finance, communications, charity and secretary functions.It is a closely coordinated group whose members put their heart and soul into managing the various school affairs tasked to them in order to help achieve our ambitions for the FOH.



Throughout the last school year, the FOH committee, together with the wider Huili community, held three large events, the Winter Bazaar, Huili Annual Ball and Summer Carnival, along with routine coffee morning activities based on the themes of education, health, charity and so on.

They take charge of the planning, organisation, fundraising and implementation of all these activities. Money collected will be used in support of our chosen charitable causes.



Through the FOH’s devotion to our community, the group continues to enrich pupils’ school life, making it a more caring and loving group for all members who observe and practise the Huili Values every day.  


Class/House Representatives 


Class/House representative is a critical role in our FOH. As a bridge between home and the school, these representatives help teachers to deal with specific class affairs. When each school year begins, the school will select class/house representatives for each class/house from among the nominations. Class/house representatives and FOH will continue to support each other to build a close home/school relationship.



In fact, home/school cooperation is demonstrated in the more detailed home/class educational practices, which is why we created the role of class/house representatives. Class/house representatives act as a communication channel for the other parents who thus will be more likely to actively participate in home/class coordination. This approach also extends to our frequent school events.   The FOH Volunteers FOH volunteers are also of vital importance in our Huili community. They are warmhearted parents who pool their wisdom, talents and resources to help reinforce that all-important home/school bond.



Parents volunteers show up eager and on time whenever the school needs their support. They wrapped the books in the librarythey sought out better resources for theme-based activities to enrich pupils’ experiences; they put forward their ideas and thoughts in the crucial academic assessment meetings; they helped teachers to extend pupils’ learning outside school in past field trips; they showcased their culinary skills to show appreciation to Huili teachers at the end of the term. All these past deeds, as well as future plans contribute to make our Huili community a warm and loving family.   Accompanying pupils' growing path A child’s all-around growth cannot successfully happen without the mutually supportive elements of well-considered parenting and schooling. The integration of parenting and schooling will help children to thrive and flourish – a process which is often tough yet rewarding. FOH is a bridge connecting home and school as well as an envoy, uniting the Huili community. Huili School, in combination with the FOH, will always strive to provide the best bilingual education for our pupils.



When pupils start their learning journey at Huili, their parents who stand behind them also take on their own journey too. It is the FOH that unites all parents who understand and respect one another through frequent and genuine cooperation. Since our school and its composite families have similar expectations for children who attend Huili, we will surely continue to work together to keep a close eye on both their personal growth and academic development. We are all proud to be members of Friends of Huili.