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Learning and Preparing to be a Pioneer

24 Oct 2019

After over a month of preparation, Huili’s first Representative Congress of Young Pioneers (RCYP) was successfully held on October 14. The Congress is a main event where young pioneers learn and carry forward democracy, and to develop their abilities and sense of ownership. The Congress was attended by 30 young pioneer representatives and 12 captain candidates elected by the squadrons from grade 2-5.


Growing up a Pioneer 

An inspiring team song opened the prelude to the assembly. Maggie Zhou, Deputy Head of Huili School, delivered a speech on behalf of the school leaders and congratulated a; pn the successful opening of the congress. She encouraged everyone present to live up to expectations and carry out the work in a fair, just and bold manner, and hoped that the young pioneers would work hard, innovate boldly, unite and forge a new path ahead, and grow up in a healthy, fulfilling manner. The congress also announced the establishment of a working committee for young pioneers and discussed two major agendas.

Decratic Re-election
In discussing the democratic re-election agenda of the captains’ committee, 30 delegates listened carefully to the introductions and personal presentations of the candidates. Seriously and earnestly, they exercised the duties of a representative, putting their invaluable votes into the ballot box. After the democratic vote was held, Zhang Ruoqing and other six members of the brigades were finally elected. We believe that they will fulfil their duties admirably during their terms of office, and we also hope that they will forge ahead, being pioneering and innovative in their work.

Answers to the Proposals
The second item on the agenda was to respond to RCYP’s proposals. Prior to the assembly, the representatives of the young pioneers studied and made their RCYP proposals, and put forward plenty of suggestions and ideas regarding school management and campus life, which fully reflects the sense of ownership that these young pioneers have. Ms Lyu, the brigade’s counsellor, gave a meticulous and patient reply to the 13 proposals, one by one. The delegates also listened very carefully, as they shouldered the mission of conveying the content and overall spirit of the RCYP to the class.

The RCYP is not only an educational experience for young pioneers, it is also an activity designed to cultivate a healthy sense of responsibility and ownership in its members; its inherent purpose is to make all team members remember their vows and add lustre to the red scarf. The young pioneers used their talents fully throughout the event, and Huili’s first RCYP came to an end with rousing applause.
At Huili, we have been always committed to cultivating pupils’ leadership in practice. All aspects of the RCYP, including the organisation of congress, participation in elections, formulation and implementation of proposals and so on, fully reflect Huili pupils’ leadership characteristics, including active participation, courageous exploration, adeptness at cooperation and the will to excel. Through this event, they practised all elements of the Huili Identity, and realised the importance of their own values, which will help them to become the best version of themselves.