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Huili’s Young Minds: Grade 1 pupils share their thoughts

29 Mar 2019
Now that Huili has been open for a full term, all of our pupils have had time to fully settle into their classes, houses, learning routines, CCAs, and general daily routines of school life. We asked three grade 1 pupils: Angela, William and Yunlin, to tell us a little about their first term at Huili. As you can see when you read on, even at this young age they all had plenty to say for themselves. They expressed their thoughts the kind of confident and articulate manner you would expect from much older pupils.


What was your first day at Huili like?

Yunlin: I was very excited when I got on the bus to come to school for the first time. More than anything I hoped that I would make lots of new friends, which I did. Angela: I was looking forward to having swimming class but then I found out that it would be on Wednesday. I didn’t mind though, because there were lots of fun new things to try. William: I saw that my best friends from the old nursery would be in my class, so I wasn’t afraid about starting my first day at my new school. I really enjoyed my first day and I even got to draw a boat. 
What is your favourite subject?

William: PE is definitely my favourite class. I can run and catch and throw balls around. Every time we go out there are fun games to play. Yunlin: Chinese is probably my favourite because it is very interesting to learn the history and culture of China. I also really like English classes because I get to learn all about a different language. Angela: Between swimming and Chinese classes, I can’t decide which is my favourite. I like swimming because I’m in dolphin class and it’s a lot of fun to swim freestyle. I also like the learning Mandarin because my teacher makes it enjoyable by showing us games to play and pictures to draw to help remember things better. 
What is your favourite place?
Yunlin: The playground, because I can play outside with my friends. I run all around and climb the monkey bars when I have enough energy. William: The playground is my favourite too, I love going out to play with my friends. Angela: My classroom, because there are lots of different things to enjoy; there are books to read, games to play, and I really like seeing all of our work up on the walls. 
What is it like to study your school subjects in two different languages?
Angela: I like it a lot because it is fun to use both languages and not too difficult! I really enjoy learning both languages as part of our themes, at the moment our theme is learning about the world. William: Chinese is sometimes tough but also a good challenge. Sometimes there are words or sentences that are difficult but English is getting a lot easier for me. I like learning new words. Yunlin: Sometimes it is difficult but always interesting. I can always ask the teacher if I have any problems, and I can also learn more about those problems I have in class when I get home.  
Tell us about something new you have learned since coming here to Huili.
William: When I was in nursery school I couldn’t swim but now I can! It was easy to learn and not scary at all, now I can swim like a shark. Yunlin: I’ve learned so many completely new things in Chinese classes. I love reading my Chinese book, I read it every evening after I finish my homework because I always want to know more. I also started a CCA in Kung Fu which I like a lot because it is fun to learn the moves. Angela: I learned to play the violin. When I first picked it up I thought: “Why can’t I play it the way I hear other people play it?” then my teacher explained to me that I would need to practise lots so I can play it well. Yesterday the new violin arrived and it is much better than the old one! I really enjoy playing it and making music.
  What do you think of the House System? Angela: We love it! All three of us are in Du House, and we all want to get as many house points as we can. One time I got 5 points for my work on Martians that I did during English class. Yunlin: I love being in Du House because lots of my friends are there, we all get to spend time together. One time I earned 10 house points in one single day and that made me feel very proud. William: I hope that we win the House Cup. It makes us feel good to get house points and I think it makes us try a little bit harder too.  
Do you like talking with your family about your school day when you get home? Yunlin: I like to tell my family what happens at school and share my news with them. They always like to hear about what I have been doing. I have a star chart at home so I get stars whenever I behave well, try hard with my homework and act politely. Angela: When I go home, I like to tell my mum what I learned at school that day and I tell her about any big news that is happening at school. William: I talk with my family about school a lot. We talk about what I have been learning and my mum looks at my homework with me. If my homework is very good, she gives me 3D stars as a reward. I’m saving up lots of them and when I have enough I will be able to get a big LEGO kit.