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Anticipating the demands and opportunities of the future

20 Feb 2019

Paul Jackson-Read

Head of Primary

Someone more intelligent than me pointed out : As good educators in the 21st century we should be preparing the children in our schools for jobs that don’t exist yet. Globalisation has undoubtedly made the world a much smaller and more interconnected place, and to achieve success it is important that individuals, companies and even whole countries think and act globally. Over the last decade alone we have all experienced the explosion of personal digital technology, fuelling the incredible and dynamic economic development of China and an unprecedented new vista of opportunities for worldwide commerce and communication.

For example, just look at all the apps we use. In every case, for every app, someone had to see an opportunity and then create a viable and elegant solution.  Apps are just one example of the wholly new and dynamic industries and job types that are being created through the development of new technologies. It is important to continually ask ourselves: what does the future hold for our children? At Huili, we have considered this question very carefully. To prepare every child in our care for the future, we have designed (and continue to improve) a curriculum that excites and fosters great academic achievement. It has a global outlook and promotes English language learning, being the lingua franca of the world’s business community. Yet at the same time, we also acknowledge, respect and celebrate China’s immense and impressive history, traditions and dynamism in the world today. We are truly blending the best of both Eastern and Western educational traditions. In doing so, we are bringing learning experiences to our pupils that will not only promote academic excellence but allow them to develop skills so they can function successfully in a global market. Our co-curricular programme helps develop teamwork and resilience; music and arts develop confidence, creativity and focus; and our curriculum has a strong emphasis on critical thinking, analysis and discussion in all subject areas.

We don’t have a magic crystal ball to foresee the future, but we know that it will offer opportunities previously undreamt of. We are preparing our pupils, your children, to be in the best position to seize those opportunities and excel.