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Swimming at Huili makes big splash

02 Dec 2018
Swimming is an essential part of Huili School Shanghai and all pupils are required to participate in swimming lessons every week. We are very privileged to have a state-of-the-art swimming facility which helps pupils develop into confident, competitive swimmers. Our 25-metre, 6-lane swimming pool has touch timers and competition-standard diving blocks to enable our pupils to perform to the highest level. while creating a positive atmosphere for swimmers of all levels of experience to enjoy. Subsequently, pupils look forward to their swimming lessons each week, knowing that they are going to enjoy learning and progressing in such a well-equipped learning environment.

Learning to swim is an important life skill with many benefits. Pupils who are ‘water confident’ can stay safe should they be faced with open water outside of school. Furthermore, the physical health benefits associated with swimming are wide-ranging and well documented. Swimming is one the few fitness activities that allows participants to engage every muscle in their body. Furthermore, studies have shown that swimming can even help relieve stress and improve concentration. Therefore, mastering this skill at a young age will benefit Huili pupils throughout their life.
The Huili School swimming curriculum teaches its pupils a broad range of skills as well as developing their character. For instance, they will routinely demonstrate the Huili Value of courage as they develop their confidence in the water and progress towards learning techniques for different strokes, dives and turns. Swimming lessons at Huili School also teach pupils water safety and personal survival skills allowing them to become safe, confident and accomplished swimmers.
  Huili School Shanghai has plans to form a swimming team and compete against other schools in various age-appropriate competitions. To become part of the swimming team, pupils will need to sign up for swim team CCA sessions at least twice per week, and then be selected by the head coach to be part of the team. Selection will be based on their swimming times and their technical mastery of the different strokes. We aim to enter the Shanghai Schools Sports Association (SSSA), a sports league which includes 26 international and bilingual schools across Shanghai, Ningbo and Hangzhou. SSSA holds six major competitions for all ages each year and we aim for our pupils to participate in all of them. We will also enter the Shanghai Swim League, which holds three major competitions for all ages each year. As a result, swimming is, and will continue to be, an integral part of the Huili School experience.
Huili Swimming Gala
To begin our swimming programme and develop our Huili house spirit we recently held our first ever Huili School Shanghai house swimming competition. Grades 1-6 all participated, with every pupil given the opportunity to win points for their house. Grades 1-3 swam in the morning’s competition and grades 4-6 competed in the afternoon. There were races in 25m freestyle, a sprint race and a long distance 6-minute swim. Congratulations to Li house, who were the eventual winners, taking the winning house trophy. The top three houses were separated by just 3 points after a whole day’s competition. There were some tremendous examples of the Huili values of courage and responsibility and some very healthy competitive rivalries are already being developed. Well done to all the pupils who took part.