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29 Mar 2018

At Wellington, we value learning outside the regular curriculum. Our children learn from a wide range of experiences. We believe that our enrichment curriculum assists in developing the whole child. Our holistic approach to education allows children to develop positive personal values alongside superb academic standards. Enrichment activities will develop team work, critical analysis and decision making, as children strive to acquire new skills and overcome challenge. They are of course, also enjoyable and will help instil a sense of lifelong learning in our pupils, to equip them as global leaders of the future. Our enrichment programme is an important part of Wellington’s educational offer and model.

Co-curricular activities (CCA)

Through our co-curricular activities programme, children will have the opportunity to discover new talents, develop new skills and enjoy new experiences. Over the course of a school year, all children will take part in exciting visual art sessions, develop their musical skills, enjoy new sports and perform in public. Children are encouraged to rise to the challenge of simply trying something new. All CCA activities are designed to develop team work, resilience, perseverance and the sense of achievement in all. It is during these sessions that we will develop our sports teams, music and performance ensembles. These focus sessions will allow sports teams/performing cast members/ensembles the opportunity to work together and achieve a common goal. CCA sessions will run across year groups allowing children to connect with those from a different age group, allowing them to make new friends and also giving older pupils the opportunity to take on leadership roles. During the CCA sessions we will offer academic support in the form of prep time where teachers will be able to help and support children with any aspect of their academic work. Some of this support may take place during lunchtimes. Children will have the chance to work in their house groups, in order to foster a sense of belonging, teamwork and responsibility. As an integral part of the CCA timetable, all children will gather with staff for assemblies. This ensures a common purpose is established and maintained amongst our whole school community. Assemblies reinforce our Wellington values and identities.

Educational trips and visits

Your children will take part in educational trips and visits; all linked to our vibrant curriculum. In grades 1 to 6, children will undertake interesting local visits around the Shanghai area with older grades exploring further, including some overseas trips. Trips for the older children will have a higher degree of personal challenge built in. All trips will have a clear educational focus and help develop your children’s curiosity and desire to learn from the world around us. In addition, we will invite experts into school to share their knowledge with us. For example, local artists and other professionals will visit in order that children can enjoy rich learning experiences from such experts and leaders.


Wellington College Bilingual Shanghai is proud to continue the long tradition of service in helping others. This is part of our ethos and values. Each child will have the opportunity and duty to carry out various forms of service during their time with us. This may be helping within their house or on a larger school stage. It may involve supporting charity work or addressing a local, national or global issue. What is important is that all the activities will enhance our holistic education ideals and promote the personal development of those involved.

Additional Music Tuition

In addition to music within the curriculum and general CCA musical activities, children will be given the opportunity to have additional music tuition. Working with our sister school, Wellington College International Shanghai, we have identified excellent independent music tutors. Children can experience one-to-one or very small group lessons. These sessions will take part mostly during the school day with children being withdrawn from their class as appropriate. Lesson times will be varied to ensure children do not continually miss the same class. (Children are expected to undertake catch-up work to ensure their main class learning is not disadvantaged.) The school may be able to assist in the provision of some instruments in the first incidence, however families will be expected to arrange for their child to supply their own personal instrument after a short period of time. Additional fees for individual musical tuition are payable.

Academy Programme

In addition to the CCAs, children at Wellington have access to our superb, well-established and highly regarded Academy programme. This out of school hours programme, (including weekends and some holidays) allows children to take part in new activities and enjoy specialist instruction. These sessions are a fantastic opportunity for the children and those from the wider community to be taught by Wellington staff plus outside coaches/teachers with incredible expertise and experience. The range of activities on offer is huge, covering many sports (both team and individual), dance and theatre, arts and crafts, debating, English language support; the choice is vast. The enrichment opportunities at Wellington College Bilingual Shanghai are many, varied and exciting. All our children will take part. As mentioned previously, our enrichment programme is a central and explicit part of our core values and help make us a unique setting. Come and visit us at our open day in April when we can give you more information about this programme and all aspects of our new exciting bilingual school.