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31 Wellingtonians Win Oxbridge Places

21 Jan 2016


31 Wellington College UK pupils and Old Wellingtonians have reason to celebrate at the start of 2016 having recently received offers from Oxford and Cambridge Universities, a record for the College. It is widely accepted that competition for places at these elite institutions is becoming increasingly fierce, and so it is extremely encouraging that the number of Wellingtonians winning places has increased so significantly in recent years. Particularly pleasing is the diversity of the offers in terms of course, institution, gender and nationality. Also of note is the success of sisters Becky and Katie Cook who managed to pull off the Oxford double by winning places at Trinity and Magdalen Colleges respectively. Mr Matt Oakman, the College’s Academic Deputy Head, said, “We are thrilled to have secured record results this year, a reflection both of the hard work of our students and also the first class support they have received at Wellington.  

It is also, I think, a reflection of the greater emphasis the College is placing on fostering a culture of independent learning and intellectual curiosity within the student body. ” Gaining entry to these two institutions is now harder than ever before as more than six students apply for every one of the 3,000 places that are available, so warmest congratulations to them all. As ever, some highly talented and intelligent Wellingtonians narrowly missed out but, with nearly 600 university offers already made to this year’s leavers, including a number to leading US institutions, the class of 2016 have a very bright future ahead of them. The majority of US offers will come in March, but Wellingtonians have already been accepted to Yale, Columbia, NYU, Stanford, Cornell, Duke and the University of North Carolina, once again securing the College’s reputation for excellence in preparing students for further education on both sides of the Atlantic. For more details, please visit at www.wellingtoncollege.org.uk