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Meet with Wellington College China Governors

10 Apr 2023


It is better to be happy together than to be happy alone,” Wellington College China Founder and Chairman Joy Qiao, remarked when sharing her aspirations to build closer connections through education. 


Indeed, the vitality of a school comes from the community that it creates. From our pupils, parents and teachers to administrators and leaders, we all have a role to play. Our Board of Governors is especially fundamental to the strength of the Huili Community.



The Wellington College China 

Board of Governors

Wellington College China schools are under a single ownership and operate under a clear, defined common framework and can flourish with high levels of autonomy.


There are three levels in our governance structure: the Wellington College China Board of Governors, the SABs and sub-committees. They are responsible for much of the governance administrative work, while the non-executive governors provide a boarder range of expertise from their respective professional backgrounds. This diversity of backgrounds has served to make Huili school the diverse and inclusive bilingual school that it is today. When Huili pupils graduate, they will be better equipped to navigate a multicultural world as they chart a course for success in life.


Recently, Stella Zhou, Master of Huili School Shanghai, sat down with our Board of Governors for a series of conversations. Together, they reflected on our school’s successes over the past five years, what an ideal school looks like, and what the next five years have in store for us.