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Huili's Phase Ⅱ South Building is now open!

18 Oct 2021

On 16th October 2021, Huili School Shanghai held the opening ceremony of the Phase Ⅱ South Building. The opening of South Building marks the completion of Huili’s overall campus planning and it will provide world-class learning space for the entire Huili community.


Parents and pupil representatives from the Huili community were all in attendance. Some pupils also put on wonderful performances for the attendees. Joy Qiao, Founder and Chairman of Wellington College China; Stella Zhou, Master of Huili Shanghai; Li Jinzhao, Party Secretary and Chairman of Shanghai Lujiazui (Group) Co. Ltd.; and Xu Erjin, Deputy Party Secretary and General Manager were invited to cut the ribbon and inaugurate this new building.  The South Building's inauguration was a milestone in Huili School Shanghai's ongoing development.





Upgraded and word-class campus facility


The new South Building is a comprehensive, multi-functional space designed according to the highest standards. It will provide support for pupils' development in all areas of education, including academics, arts and sports.


Academic space

In addition to state-of-the-art digital-equipped classrooms, it features several public spaces, such as a library corner with books in English and Chinese and open study areas for group discussions and thematic project work.


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▲Public space in the South Building


The South Building boasts not only excellent hardware, but great ‘software’ too. The professional teaching team for High School and university guidance will bring new perspectives to teaching and learning, provide professional support and strive to deliver the most excellent educational practices.


Art space

The all-new grand theatre is equipped with a full set of state-of-the-art audio and video systems, including sound, lighting, stage, video, intercom and central control console. It has a stage area of more than 200 square metres and can accommodate up to 500 people. We look forward to witnessing large-scale stage performances by Huili pupils and teachers as well as a wealth of academic exchange activities, parent workshops and other cultural activities.



The black box theatre and the professional recording studio will provide a professional learning and training space for pupils involved in arts. Its professional-grade audio and lighting systems will make it a perfect venue for daily teaching and drama rehearsals. The recording studio is fitted out with high-quality recording and editing equipment, enabling pupils to learn all about producing both audio and visual arts.


Sports space

Physical education is an essential part of Huili’s holistic education. Apart from the existing outdoor sports field and indoor swimming pool,  the South Building boasts a new sports hall featuring high-quality indoor athletics facilities. 


Pupils will engage in physical conditioning and learn teamwork and leadership through sports such as football, basketball, volleyball, badminton alongside CCA programmes such as fencing, synchronised swimming and tag rugby.



The sports hall’s  sound system, LED high-definition display system and spectator area are all professional-grade, giving audiences best spectating experience. The facility's anti-collision technology also ensures safety for all pupils when they throw themselves into sports.





Architecture is an enduring repository of history. The Huili Shanghai campus is therefore not just a  physical place, but also a spiritual home for its stakeholders. In such a setting, a quality education relies upon strong relationships between teachers, pupils and parents. We believe this new building will be a testament to Huili’s enduring spirit. Together, we will witness Huili’s ongoing quest for excellence.