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Wellington College Bilingual Shanghai prepares for 2018 opening

19 Mar 2018

All of us at Wellington College Bilingual Shanghai are extremely proud and excited as we look forward to the school's opening in August 2018. Our plan is to open with primary and junior high school, expanding upwards a grade each year through to grade 12.

Our campus

The campus has been designed and constructed by the Lujiazui group. LJZ have worked with Wellington before when they constructed the Tianjin and Shanghai international colleges and this has greatly informed the design and construction of the new bilingual school. Practicality and “fit for purpose” design has been the core priority when putting the new campus together. This thorough process of preparation and consultation has resulted in the development of world-class facilities which will allow us to fulfil our educational vision. With spacious and excellently equipped classrooms, science labs and design technology classrooms, dance studios, an indoor sports hall, with a 25-metre-long swimming pool, a professionally resourced theatre and more, we have everything we need to deliver our ambitious curriculum.

The curriculum

Our curriculum is based on national and Shanghai curriculum and is delivered in the uniquely Wellington way. That is to say: it is entirely holistic. Many schools claim to follow this approach, but Wellington places it at the heart of everything we do. While excellent exam results and strong academic skills are certainly important, we also strive to allow pupils to develop the characteristics that will prepare them for the challenges that their future might hold. Every child has their own educational journey, so our aim is to give pupils the opportunity to understand and express themselves, developing their unique personalities and pursuing their own passions. By the end of their time at Wellington, we hope that they will leave as fully independent, resilient and creative learners. Naturally, bilingualism is a core focus, and it goes far beyond just learning how to speak English and Chinese. Bilingualism is delivered as part of most subjects and our teachers will consider language acquisition in all areas of their teaching. To achieve this, our local and international teachers work collaboratively together in the areas of planning, delivering and reflecting. This way, pupils are taught in a manner which embraces bilingualism at every stage, with a blending of the best elements of both Chinese and international teaching practices.


Wellington College Bilingual Shanghai aims to achieve a strong, inclusive and supportive community made up of parents, pupils and staff members. Our pastoral programme includes a strong focus on wellbeing, supported by the house system for all pupils. Through our wellbeing and pastoral structures, we aim to ensure that the children in our care feel challenged, supported, included, guided and cared for during their time at the College. This will enable them to develop the resilience they need to flourish during their school years and feel completely prepared for the challenges of life after Wellington. This concept of continual support extends to our communication with parents. We aim to maintain an open, honest and respectful dialogue with our Wellington families, so that we can work together to deliver the best possible holistic education for their children.


Our high-quality co-curricular activities programme is a compulsory part of school life. Pupils will engage in a wide range of artistic, academic, cultural and sporting activities. Pupils will be able to choose their activities according to their interests. Teachers will offer support by suggesting options that push pupils outside their comfort zone, allowing them to try new things, acquire new talents and discover new passions. Further enrichment will come in the form of house competitions, whole-school events, performing arts, sports fixtures and more. From cultural celebrations like Chinese New Year and Mid-Autumn festival, to dedicated subject weeks and exciting competitions, pupils and parents can look forward to plenty of highlights throughout the school year.

Are you ready to join Wellington College Bilingual Shanghai?

The entire academic team are extremely excited and eager to begin teaching at Wellington College Bilingual Shanghai. We are confident that the time and effort that has gone into its development has been well spent and that our new Wellingtonians will find a welcoming and inspiring environment and educational journey waiting for them. We look forward to seeing you in August 2018.

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