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Celebrating the third anniversary of the FOH partnership

20 May 2021

At the very beginning,

Children brought the seeds of their dreams.

Parents nurtured them with the warmth of sunshine,

Teachers nourished them with soil and water,

And the school is the place where they thrive.


Both parents and the school 

share the same expectation——


they can see a lush and flourishing forest. 





Friends of Huili and the Huili Community

Underpin the practice of holistic education.

They devote energy and time to school affairs,

Performing their duties and cooperating with the school closely.

We saw FOH volunteers busy in school-wide events:

The Winter Bazaar, Summer Festival, Annual Ball and our winter and summer performances.

They contributed much to our community events.  


It is the common values, mutual trust and support,

Love of stakeholders

That nourish our pupils,

Helping seeds to become tall trees with strong roots.


Our parents and FOH

Have worked together for nearly three years.

Their close link makes pupils’ seeds of dreams 

take root and grow steadily.





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FOH invited renowned artists, scholars 

to our community,

Enriching our campus culture and our pupils' minds.

Whether it was culture, art, academics or philosophy,

Pupils learned positive values 

through exploring these fields.  


In the Christmas season of 2020

When our expat staff could not return to their home countries,

FOH and the school contacted their families,

Who sent holiday wishes by video.

This special gift surprised international teachers 

hearing families’ familiar voice.

  They were touched and gratified to receive this gift,

Which motivated them to remain true 

to their original aspiration.


The Huili community bonded parents and the school,

Forming a mutually beneficial partnership,

And helping Huili pupils flourish.





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The cooperation between parents and the school

Aims to provide a high-quality education.

Establishing the Huili Charity Fund 

marked a milestone.

The Shanghai United Foundation 'Friends of Huili' Charity Fund

Was the first donor-advised fund,

Created by parents and the school in China.

The FOH charity committee is committed 

to providing opportunities for our pupils

Helping them to better understand 

the world around them.


In the inaugural year of 

our ‘Elevating People through Kindness’ project,

We witnessed watched an organic garden grow.

Environmentalism became a way of life.

Our community saw the harmonious relationship 

between humans and nature.


In the same year, 

Huili pupils get to know their peers in the Fudu school.

It taught them to be more open, 

inclusive, responsible and kind.


Our parents and our school silently 

watch over our pupils,

Providing them acknowledgement and support,

As they grow to become towering trees.








In 2021, 

Huili pupils announced their funding project,

Which is the first Junior High pupil-led grant-making in China.

A charitable spirit immediately spread 

across the Huili campus.

They became imbued with a charitable spirit,

And they are determined to contribute to this cause.  


With broadened horizons, 

they care about their home country.

They care about rights and equality

of disadvantaged groups, equality of education,

Protection, promotion 

and passing down Chinese culture.


From ‘Elevating People through Kindness’ 

to youth grant-making,

Huili pupils have a growing passion for charity,

And take part with passion.

Putting this passion into practice,

They explore their own values,

Eventually discovering the path forward.


FOH, in cooperation with parents and the school,

Offer a platform for pupils to connect the world,

Seeing its many facets

And making their contribution to society.


FOH looks forward to watching 

seeds grow to become a lust forest,

Which can continuously 

nourish generations to come.