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Pastoral care and the houses system

21 Jun 2018

Pastoral care is at the heart of our school ethos and values here at Huili. We treat every child as an individual with their own needs, potential, limitations, circumstances, opportunities and expectations. We develop the potential every child possesses, by providing support and opportunities to enable every individual to flourish in an emotionally and physically safe environment. Our curriculum is specifically designed to not only bring academic achievement but to also bring experiences that will develop positive characteristics in our children. Our children will have the emotional skills to meet the challenges that society will place before them.

When your child joins Huili School Shanghai they will also join a house. This house is like a family within the school. Made up of children from all grades, their house will give all children a chance to make new relationships across age groups, compete in friendly school competitions and give older pupils the opportunity to develop responsibility by taking on leadership roles. Children will also enjoy house assemblies where the sense of belonging and pride in ‘their’ house will be formed. Members of each house soon believe that their house is the best and a home away from home. Siblings always join the same house and a family relationship soon develops with it. These are the great strengths of this system. You can think of the houses in the Harry Potter films and books, but sadly don’t have a sorting hat!

The full house system will start at Junior High school, grade 6, where children will go to their own house areas each morning for registration. The house master and tutors will take on the pastoral wellbeing of those in their care. In primary school, children register in their own classroom and the pastoral care role is taken by their homeroom teachers. In the Primary School or Junior High, the house system provides support for and aids the delivery of wellbeing to all children. At Huili School Shanghai we have four houses. They reflect our school name, our values and the ethos we represent. The houses are:

Are you and your child excited to know which house you will join? Come along to our induction day on 27th August and the answer will be uncovered.