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26 September 2020

To ensure the safety and wellbeing of all our pupils and staff members, Huili School Shanghai maintains a well-equipped healthcare centre which is run by fully-qualified nursing professionals.

Prior to children starting at the school, parents must have completed and returned the medical form detailing any allergies or illnesses that they may have. The healthcare centre will treat all injuries and illnesses to the best of its ability, but sometimes may need to contact a pupil’s parent or guardian, so it is vital that contact details are always up to date.

If a child becomes ill during school time, parents will be contacted and asked to collect their child. If a child has sustained a minor injury, their parent will be contacted either by telephone or email, depending on the severity. In more serious cases of injury requiring hospital treatment, parents will be asked to either collect their child to take them to the hospital or, if required in an emergency, to meet one of the nurses with the child at Shanghai Children’s Medical Centre or Shanghai East Hospital South Branch. If a parent wishes for their child to be taken to a different hospital, it is the responsibility of the parent to take the child there and not the responsibility of the school. Shanghai Children’s Medical Center has a 24-hour, 7-days-aweek emergency service and Shanghai East Hospital South Branch is the closest general hospital to our campus.


Providing a safe and healthy environment for our pupils, staff and families is our top priority at Huili School Shanghai. Our campus facilities are equipped with reliable air filtration systems. The Honeywell air filtration systems encompass electronic air cleaners rather than the less effective, lower cost filter machines.
We monitor pollution levels on a regular basis during each day, using information provided by the local authority. The air quality index is measured at several sites across Shanghai and we combine the average reading for the three sites closest to the school, which are Shanghai Normal College Primary Division, Shanghai Normal University and Shanghai US Consulate, to provide the most appropriate reading for the school. We review the AQI at the beginning of the day, before morning break time, before lunch and before the start of after-school activities. The readings are then emailed to all school staff, so that the appropriate measure in the table below can be implemented.

Colour indicators will be placed at all main entrances to indicate which measures are in force.

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The Huili School Shanghai Community is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of its pupils.