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Meet our ‘From the Mountain’ programme team

06 May 2022

In 2020, Huili School Shanghai launched its Elevating Pupils Through Kindness’ programme. It brings outstanding charity programmes to the school and gives pupils opportunities to participate in charity and volunteer services. The following year, the school established the first Junior High pupil grant-making programme in China. Led entirely by pupils, it is an opportunity to focus on a social issue and plan a charity from funding to implementation.   

Ever since, more and more Huili pupils are participating in charity activities. They go off campus to learn about charities from an ‘investor's’ perspective, and finally, select the programme they consider to be the most valuable.


‘From the Mountain’ programme team

Recently a group of Huili Junior High pupils selected ‘From the Mountain: Staging the Performance’ as their funding programme. They are committed to becoming co-creators with the organisation and will fund their 10th-anniversary performance. They hope to raise awareness about cultural diversity and cultural exchange through a performance that showcases culture in China and abroad. Here is a look at the charity work our Junior High pupils have been doing.  


Greetings from the grant-making 

programme team




We are the core members of the ‘From the Mountain’ programme and are honoured to be introduced through the school’s official platform. For the past year, the school’s charity programmes have gone into full swing.

People may wonder how this organisation has gotten noticed by more and more people. Grade 9 pupil Vivian is one of the leaders of the programme and offers her insights.


I joined the ‘Huili Grade 7 Charity Foundation’ by chance two years ago. Although there were not many members at the beginning, Ms Helen and Ms Jade from Dominos Charity Institute and Stella, our Master, participated in all of our briefings which made me realise how much attention the school pays to charity.   

I was a little confused when I first joined. But after the first class, I had a new understanding of what ‘charity’ really means. It is not just about material support. I can come in many forms. However, charities need financial support to operate, which is why we started the youth grant-making programme.

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We spent four months in meetings, completing tasks and meeting deadlines. Initially, there were only two of us, making the work all the more challenging. But our efforts were paid off when the ‘From the Mountain’ programme responded to our invitation. After that, we started receiving more invitations, which meant more choices for charities to fund.  

As the project progressed, the Grade 7 Charity Foundation changed its name to Junior High Pupils Charity Foundation. We also attracted more volunteers and we all worked together to accomplish what we have today.




About ‘From the Mountain’



‘From the Mountain’ is an education programme that supports children in ethnic minority areas by preserving their distinctive cultures. 

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We are raising funds for them to build a stage where they can showcase and promote their culture. In so doing, we are helping these children build confidence in their culture.


Funding ceremony



Core members of the programme team got started on the funding ceremony early. We created posters and put them up on campus. 

We also showed a film of the ceremony. Everyone was impressed, which generated even more interest. Our volunteers grew in ranks and started helping out with the daily routines of our programme, such as photography, choreography and managing social media.





Looking back on this year, participation in this programme has been arduous but inspiring. Minority culture is a critical part of the wider cultural tapestry of China. 

S1 4.JPG

We welcome anyone who wants to contribute their efforts and would love to join us in our efforts to help ‘From the Mountain’ grow.


Our team members




It is an honour to be pupil leader in the ‘From the Mountain’ programme. We started from scratch and put in a lot of effort to achieve what we have today. None of this would have been possible without the help of Ms Helen, the charity committee, and Ms Stella Zhou.

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We chose ‘From the Mountain’ out of hundreds of charities. This programme motivated us to do a good job. We have not yet met the children we are helping, but I feel like I know them well from the videos I have seen. Their beautiful songs should be heard by more people. I wish them well, and I hope ‘From the Mountain’ will continue to grow.



Since I joined the department of culture, arts and sports programme last year, every task I do with the team has been rewarding and made me realise how much children in these remote areas need our help. 

I want to do everything I can to help improve their lives and show the rest of the world how important it is to help preserve these unique cultures.



As a child growing up in the city, I knew very little about this subject before I got involved in the programme. Participating in this project has broadened my horizons. I love travelling and have an interest in the culture and history of various ethnic groups. 

This programme has deepened my understanding of music theory and helped me learn more about the cultures of China’s many different ethnic groups.



I am in charge of design and promotion for ‘From the Mountain’. I have been passionate about charity since I was a child. This programme provides a platform that is so meaningful. I agree with a quote from David Rockefeller: “The ultimate joy in life comes from giving and growing. Philanthropy offers both.” In my opinion, participating in charity is a win-win situation. 


Recipients are helped and we get to develop our abilities, broaden our horizons and find our values. I am excited and honoured to do what I can to help develop this programme and bring a positive impact to a larger community.



I joined the ‘From the Mountain’ programme by chance, but I love helping these children. For a long time, I have seen children on various social media platforms who need help. They are born in mountainous areas and have few options available to them. We want to expand their options and provide more opportunities.



I have a keen interest in culture and art and often read books about different regional cultures. I have played the cello for many years and have a lot of performance experience. 


After learning about this programme, I thought it was perfect for me. I get to learn about China’s many colourful cultures, and I can parlay my experience in music to help others. Looking ahead, I will continue to participate in the programme and work with these children to help them build their sense of pride and happiness.



As the only grade 7 pupil in the programme and assistant to Vivian, what I gained is not only an experience in charity funding but also a great chance to be more active in the Huili community. I also have gained the know-how and experience of running a charity project.

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As bilingual pupils, we get exposed to both Chinese and Western cultures, but not necessarily the living conditions of children in the remote mountains.

Working with ‘From the Mountain’ is therefore not only an act of kindness but a way to learn more about the world around us. I believe through our passion, this programme can provide help to more people in need. It is worthy of our commitment.



I initially got involved in this programme to challenge myself and contribute to the community in my own way. Being able to impact society made me feel valued. What a meaningful thing to do! 


I believe that with our joint efforts, ‘From the Mountain’ and Huili can continue to work together and share our invaluable intangible culture heritages.